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Marrying Form & Function With OneTouchPoint

We are thrilled to unveil our new brand. We want our brand and website to provide the same meaningful experience that we provide to our clients.

Since joining OneTouchPoint over a year ago I can say with the same confidence now as I did then, that every day, our clients experience just how committed the OneTouchPoint team is to delivering amazing brand experiences.

Our customers deserve it all. Stunningly-branded communications AND the ability to deliver them efficiently and effectively. You shouldn’t have to choose.

As the shifting landscape has forced the consolidation of our print competitors, we invested—developing purpose-built technologies like our U.Connect platform and new, managed service capabilities to serve the needs of modern organizations.

Like the market and our customers, we’ve transformed, becoming a single-source partner for companies looking to elevate their brands, increase margins, and speed time-to-market with centralized management of their customer engagement programs and materials. With OneTouchPoint, customers never have to choose between the quality of their branded communications and their ability to deliver them efficiently and effectively.

That’s why I’m thrilled to unveil our new brand and a beautiful new website.

We want our website to provide the same meaningful experience that we provide to our clients. With a modern design and enhanced functionality, you can easily learn about brand management and how to take control of your marketing supply chain. You can navigate more intuitively to discover the information most relevant to solving your unique business challenges, from print production, warehousing and fulfillment, mailing, to local store marketing and more.

Beyond website functionality, we’ve updated our look and feel, moving away from more traditional business imagery to incorporate elements that allow our technology and capabilities to take center stage. The organic shapes capture the creativity, fluidity and movement of our space. The balance of vibrant colors and white space is meant to illustrate the connection between our more traditional roots and our modern, technology-enabled edge.

We are committed to helping marketers and those managing the supply chain tell highly-personalized stories with beautifully produced marketing materials, while also enabling global scale and operational efficiencies.

I encourage you to spend some time on the new OneTouchPoint website and see the evolution firsthand.

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