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Three New Year’s Print Marketing Resolutions to Kick Off 2020 on the Right Foot

Learn three simple print marketing strategies to boost your brand in 2020.

Where has 2019 gone? ‘Tis the season for goal setting and strategizing for the new year, and we know brand leaders are looking for ways to improve the ways they connect with prospective customers and turn browsers into buyers.

Here are three simple steps marketers can take to give their brands a “new year, new you” boost to kick off 2020.

1. Make Assets Easy to Access

If your business has brand reps — franchise owners, sales teams, retail outlets or regional directors, for example — scattered across the country, then we’d bet one of your biggest challenges is ensuring brand consistency. Is every rep using the latest versions of marketing assets? Are they working with high-quality, reliable printers? Or are they making their own collateral because they can’t find the most up-to-date flyers?

National brand leaders don’t have the time to babysit collateral, fielding endless requests for the latest versions, juggling print orders and micromanaging the budget. But taking your hands off the wheel may mean compromising brand quality and integrity.

In 2020, resolve to solve this problem by centralizing marketing assets into one hub that every user can access twenty-four-seven. A sales rep in California needs to reorder brochures? The pre-approved PDFs are at his fingertips. A franchise owner needs a sign for her customer appreciation event? She can customize the existing template, place the order with a trusted printer and have them delivered directly to their location. Reps have what they need, brand quality is protected and you, the national marketing leader, don’t have to lift a finger.

2. Spruce Up the Store with High-Quality Signage

If your brand has brick-and-mortar stores, what does that in-store experience look like? If your products are for sale with retail partners across the country, does your branded signage make them easy to spot and tempting to buy?

Whether you need to spruce up your own store or make your products stand out from the competition, resolve to more effectively catch eyes and communicate value by stepping up your signage game in the new year.

Think about getting customers into the store with enticing banners, window clings and other outdoor signage. And once they’re inside, highlight promotions, new products, loyalty programs, community events, company values and more with floor stickers, point-of-sale signage, wall decals and posters — all beautifully printed with high quality materials to showcase your brand in its best light.

3. Start New Conversations with an Old-School Strategy

Despite the never-ending stream of new and innovative marketing channels, there’s one traditional marketing strategy that drives better results than any of the digital channels combined, and that’s direct mail.

In 2020, introduce yourself to potential new customers, show your appreciation for loyal shoppers and reconnect with disengaged customers with strategic direct mail campaigns. You can learn more about how to optimize your direct mail ROI in our e-book, but here’s the number-one rule to get you started: make it personal. In order to capture attention and elicit higher response rates, include recipients’ names and tailor content to their region and their history with your brand.

By incorporating high-quality direct mail into a cross-channel marketing campaign, you’ll expand your reach and set your brand apart from competitors by meeting prospects in their channels of choice.

No matter what kinds of products or services they’re shopping for, today’s consumers have more options than ever before, and the brands that stand out are the ones that deliver consistent, quality communications to their prospects and customers. Here at OneTouchPoint, we love nothing more than helping companies put their best brand foot forward by streamlining the marketing execution process, and we’d love to talk about how we can bring your brand’s new year’s resolutions to life. Contact us to learn more, or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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