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IFA Attendees – Localize Your Brand Experiences

Easily manage the balancing act of enabling and fostering franchise growth, creativity and autonomy, while ensuring your corporate brand promise stays intact with OneTouchPoint.

At OneTouchPoint, our team of experts, solutions and flexible technology bring multichannel marketing capabilities, brand management & production efficiencies together with a single platform, creating an elevated customer brand experience across any channel – online, offline or in-store. Our capabilities span state-of-the-art printing, localized digital marketing, direct mail, fulfillment, kitting, distribution and more.

National Brands, Localized Marketing Strategy

  • Control Brand Integrity | Drive brand consistency and enable local store marketing across all of your franchise locations.

  • Save Time and Resources | Grant access to an approved brand library, reducing staff time spent managing marketing requests across your locations.

  • Power Local Store Marketing | Promote specific locations, appeal to local customers, and capitalize on corporate brand recognition.

  • Simplify Your Operations | We oversee the planning, production, and logistics of some of the very best local, national, and global franchise marketing efforts.

  • Unlock Your data | Enable marketing teams to analyze business operations, branded material inventory, the effectiveness of tactics by location or region, and more.

Problems we solve

  • Inconsistent branding across franchise locations
  • Numerous marketing & sales support requests
  • Decentralized marketing materials
  • Manual charge-backs and expenses tracking
  • Inaccurate inventory
  • Complicated local or regional marketing rollouts

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