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AEM Members – Master Your Supply Chain & Streamline Your Operations

OneTouchPoint is rooted in manufacturing. We are the print and marketing backbone for your production processes. With our U.Connect platform, you can manage the components of your brand supply chain from a single system.

Value Chain Marketing

  • Control Branded Assets | Drive brand consistency, manage technical documentation (service & operator manuals), control revisions and enable local marketing across all locations, dealer networks and sales teams.

  • Augment Your Team | From onsite equipment management to vendor-managed inventory, we are the trusted partners of modern manufacturers.

  • Simplify Your Operations | We oversee the planning, production, and logistics of some of the very best local, national, and global marketing efforts.

  • Unlock Your Data | Analyze your marketing supply chain, business operations, inventory, and see which marketing assets deliver the most value.

  • Lower Costs | Leverage national, commercial printing power, eliminate obsolescence with POD, and gain economies of scale with our managed services, lowering pricing and shipping costs.

  • API Integrations that Extend, Enhance and Integrate | Our flexible platform makes it easy to connect to your platforms and applications.

  • ISO:9001:2015 Certified & SOC 2 Compliant | Ensuring your data is secure and that we are meeting quality management standards.

Problems we solve

  • Inconsistent branding across our organization
  • Insufficient marketing resources
  • Decentralized marketing materials
  • Manual charge-backs and expenses tracking
  • Inaccurate inventory
  • Complicated local marketing rollouts
  • Limited brand visibility
  • Fulfillment delays
  • Need a partner that is ISO certified

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