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Built to Support Life Science Organizations

Easily manage your products and maintain consistent standards. With a high level of expertise in serving the life sciences industry, OneTouchPoint has built solutions to manage all of your print manufacturing, marketing and production needs.

With our U.Connect platform, you can easily connect to your platforms and third-party applications through API integrations while managing all aspects of your entire brand supply chain from a single vendor.

OneTouchPoint supports:

  • Direct Spend: Labels, IFUs, lidstock, brochures

  • Corporate: Internal signage, stationary, brochures, business cards

  • Marketing & Sales Collateral

  • Surgeon Support: Variable printed brochures and posters

  • Branded Items, Wearables & Signage: Conferences & health fairs, wearables for production and sales staff, booth graphics, banners

From supporting your manufacturing to sales and marketing – we’re your one stop shop, creating a process that works uniquely for your organization.

An End-to-End Solution to Handle All Your Needs

  • Vendor Consolidation | Centralize production, print, fulfillment and annual bulk buying for significant savings while leveraging national, commercial print power with our managed services, lowering pricing and shipping costs.

  • Brand Management | Manage technical documentation, control revisions and approve user access at the individual level, drive brand consistency and leverage modular templates to lock down specific content.

  • Compliant Messaging | Help your doctors and distributors maintain compliant brand messaging by enabling marketing efforts at a state and federal level in this highly regulated industry.

  • Inventory Management | Control and maintain inventory levels, eliminate redundancy to streamline efficiency and optimize savings.

  • Quality Management Standards | Maintain consistent, ISO-certified products and leverage stringent quality management standards to ensure accuracy from a certified manufacturer.

  • Data Analysis | Analyze your marketing supply chain, business operations, inventory, and see which marketing assets deliver the most value. Know where you are spending your money, what’s working and who’s using it.

  • Economies of Scale | Leverage national, commercial printing power, eliminate obsolescence with POD, and gain economies of scale with our managed services, lowering pricing and shipping costs.

  • Simplify Operations | We oversee the planning, production, and logistics of some of the very best local, national, and global marketing efforts.

Problems we solve

  • Numerous manufacturing marketing & sales support requests
  • Inconsistent process and production from suppliers
  • Inconsistent messaging and noncompliance standards and branding across the organization
  • Complicated local or regional marketing rollouts
  • Fulfillment and shipping delays
  • Need a partner that is ISO certified
  • Production disruptions and delays due to supplier limitations
  • Inability to support global partnerships

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