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10 Steps for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

A checklist to help you get started planning your next Direct Mail or EDDM campaign.

Direct Mail and Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) are quick, cost-effective, proven methods to communicate to local markets. Whether you are a local franchise sharing new pick-up hours or a local store providing coupons to drive in-store and online sales, these tactics get your offers delivered directly to your consumer’s mailboxes.

Use this checklist as a guide to help you get started planning your next Direct Mail or EDDM campaign.

Get Started Checklist: Direct Mail & EDDM®

  1. Identify your goals (as part of a multichannel campaign)Are you offering a coupon to drive sales, looking to create brand awareness, advertising a new store
    opening (or reopening), or sharing news and updates with loyal customers? Make sure you have a
    specific goal in mind.
  2. Define your target audience. Will the mailing be sent to a specific audience, to known customers based on demographics, or to
    a localized area or specific zip codes? Make sure you identify the right target for your offer.
  3. Set your budget. Based on your goals and desired reach, determine how much you are willing to spend. Keep in
    mind the overall spend if it’s part of a larger campaign—you may need to adjust your final counts.
  4. Map out the timing. Is this a standalone campaign, part of a bigger,
    multichannel strategy, or are you announcing
    a time-critical opening or reopening? Timing
    the offer and when people will get it, is key.
  5. Create your copy. Powerful headlines, concise copy with a clear CTA (call-to-action) that drives action and appeals
    to your target audience is critical. Where it makes
    sense, create a dedicated landing page to drive
    traffic to for a specific offer/CTA.
  6. Design your assets and keep localization (and spacing in mind). Be creative and convey your brand. If you are personalizing content—names, maps, locations,
    phone numbers, social pages, etc.—make sure the piece is built to accommodate all of the detail.
    And makes sure the CTA stands out.
  7. Create your mailing list. Are you planning to target specific zip codes or regions? If so, an EDDM mailing may be optimal
    (and the cheapest). If you are reaching out to loyal customers, you’ll want to make sure your list is
    up-to-date and accurate. Looking to target specific demographics, or have a more niche business?
    List Rental can ensure you are targeting the right people for your business.
  8. Define success metrics. Outline what success looks like for the campaign and understand how you will track your
    responses (i.e. coupon codes, web visits, telephone tracking, form submission, etc.).
  9. Prepare your (sales) team for launch. Make sure the necessary teams are informed. From assigning who will handle new leads or inquires
    to training staff on how to track coupon codes, you want all hands on deck and up-to-speed to
    make the campaign a success.
  10. Launch campaign – then track & refine. Launch your campaign, and then review and monitor your pre-determined metrics to evaluate your
    ROI and help refine your marketing strategy for future campaigns.

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Direct Mail & EDDM at OneTouchPoint

We’re passionate about delivering messages that have an impact in the real world. That’s why we offer a suite of mailing services tailored to fit virtually any project or budget. We mail over 155 million pieces of mail each year, offer list rental services, and have USPS experts on staff to ensure your mail pieces meet all regulations and are mailed at the most cost-effective rates possible. OneTouchPoint also takes traditional EDDM services a step further, with an easy-to-use advanced mapping tool to select mail routes & delivery date(s)

We’ve made it easier than ever to get your mailings out the door as quickly, and cost-effectively as possible, and into the hands of your customers.

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