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Local Marketing Solutions

A full suite of marketing services at your finger-tips.

Corporate marketing sets the campaigns – then our local marketing platform enables your local franchisees, retailers, dealer networks or others to leverage these (approved) campaigns to market at the local level.

They have access to approved traditional, social and digital campaigns, you keep your business on message and on brand.

Website page displaying a digital network of people that can be reached through the use of 1TouchPoint’s local marketing platform.

Hit your target with a localized digital marketing platform

Identify, build and target your audience with localized digital campaigns. Our multi-location marketing experts will optimize your digital, social and paid search advertising.
We’ll build, manage, post, analyze and adjust on your behalf, driving highly targeted traffic that delivers results, while you focus on your mission.

Did you know we’re a Google Partner?

Many of our account strategists are certified, with at least one certification in each of the following areas:

Search | Display

Drive awareness (online, offline & in-person)

Research shows that integrated multichannel marketing programs can deliver a revenue uplift of 15-35%.  Our local marketing platform helps brands create, execute and monitor localized multichannel marketing campaigns. From digital marketing, direct mail, in-store displays and signage, to print and more, execute and track prescriptive, localized campaigns that see results.

Examples of 1TouchPoint’s local marketing solutions driving awareness online, offline, and in-person.
A female employee with headset providing strategic support to a 1TouchPoint client as part of their local marketing solutions and services.

Strategic support

Best practices, domain expertise and 1:1 professional services help brands and local business units tap into proven, integrated marketing campaigns, leveraging traditional, social and digital channels.

The OneTouchPoint team brings over 20 years of local digital marketing experience to create campaigns that are the most effective for your industry. We’re proud to craft branding materials for our clients.

Benefits of a local marketing platform & services:

Download our Marketing Services Guide to learn more about our key capabilities.
A cell phone displaying 1TouchPoint’s local marketing solutions platform and a female marketing specialist presenting on the benefits of the platform.
Professional men and women reviewing documents containing brand awareness data obtained from 1TouchPoint’s local marketing platform.

Did you know?

We partnered with a multi-location national accounting firm, with a vast array of products and services across various industries, to increase awareness of their services and specialties to a broad base of consumers and industries.

After 60 days the firm saw an increase in overall brand awareness:

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