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Brand Management Solutions

Centralize your marketing efforts.

Robust brand management software your entire marketing team can rely on.

We’ll help keep your brand + content in sync across the globe.

Website page displaying 1TouchPoint’s brand management software solutions.

Get everyone on the same (brand) page.

As a brand asset management platform, U.Connect, keeps your brand and content on point with our web-based branded storefront.
Your team easily adds all of your brand’s approved assets and content, creating a single source of truth for your (approved) users. Then users can simply log-in to access all of your marketing awesomeness – from product imagery, logos, marketing collateral, tech manuals, training materials to premiums, wearables and more.

The result? You enable users to represent your brand consistently across locations, while saving your team from time consuming one-off requests. Review our client stories about the transformational power of brand management software. 

Your brand, one vendor.

Our brand management platform U.Connect supports the end-to-end management of your local, national, and global marketing campaigns, programs, and asset management – from production to distribution – with complete oversight.
Female marketing professional working on her laptop utilizing brand management software from 1TouchPoint.
Screenshot examples of the different capabilities available by using 1TouchPoint’s brand management platform.

Leverage technology, save time with brand management software.

Free your marketers and brand creators to spend more time on strategy and creating and less time on busy work. Our brand management software ensures you have oversight across your brand. From easily granting access at the user level to specific content, to leveraging approval workflows for assets (or any that you choose). You determine how your users interact with your brand – from customizing, ordering, paying and more.

Our brand management platform is purpose-built to support YOUR brand needs.

Benefits of brand management software:

Download our Brand Management Guide to learn more about our key capabilities.
A female marketing strategist presenting to a group the benefits of 1TouchPoint’s brand management solutions platform.
A floor covering company is laying down flooring while testifying to the usefulness of the brand management platform by 1TouchPoint, which they used to streamline access to their brand assets.

Did you know?

Leveraging our brand management capabilities, we helped Uzin Utz streamline access to their branded assets, increase efficiencies, and reduced speed-to-market by 3-5 days.
“Our new centralized marketing hub lets us provide quick, nationwide access to approved on-brand marketing materials and promotional items to our sales team when and where they need them, 24/7. Our field teams are better enabled and we can more easily manage our assets and inventory and reduce the time the marketing team spends on one-off requests and manually sending out sales kits.”
Picture of Josh Neuberger

Josh Neuberger

Marketing Director
Uzin Utz

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