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In Healthcare, Leverage Brand Management Software to Improve the Patient Experience

Learn how healthcare marketers can nurture patients before, during, and after their visit.

Perhaps more than in any other sector, consumers in the healthcare industry feel vulnerable. Whether they’re getting an annual checkup, helping an aging relative find a senior living facility, checking in at the hospital for surgery, or getting a chiropractic adjustment to ease back pain, healthcare is often an emotionally charged experience. So, more than any other sector, healthcare companies are smart to do everything in their power to ensure a smooth customer experience before, during, and after the appointment.

Believe it or not, marketing is an essential part of a frictionless customer experience.

When patients receive clear, consistent communication so that they know what to expect before, during, and after their appointments, they are more likely to trust a provider and feel confident about the services they’re receiving.

However, providing that kind of communication is easier said than done, particularly for multi-location organizations with brand representatives scattered across the city, state, or country. It’s not easy for marketers to maintain frequency of communication across all channels—not to mention consistency in messaging, design, and (for physical collateral) print quality—while juggling so many other responsibilities.

But what if you could simplify these activities by centralizing assets, streamlining customization, and automating the processes that cause the most logjams in marketing execution? Let’s take a look at how the right brand management software can empower healthcare marketers to keep patients in the loop before, during, and after their visits.

Before the Visit: What to Expect

There are two critical time frames in which to support healthcare consumers before their visit: when they’re selecting a provider and after they’ve booked their appointment.

Selecting a Provider

When a potential customer is looking for a healthcare provider, for themselves or for a loved one, they’re looking for an organization that exudes care and expertise. They want to know their health needs will be managed effectively and that the facility and its staff will make the experience as comfortable as possible, whether it’s a routine visit or a more acute situation.

Helping them make this decision, of course, are the marketing materials potential customers find online, in their emails, and even in their physical mailboxes. Your digital and print marketing—from your local landing pages and social media advertisements to your informational emails and promotional postcards—will influence consumers to choose your organization for their healthcare needs.

But how do you ensure every brand representative has what they need to create and execute these omnichannel awareness-building and decision-driving campaigns? By centralizing marketing assets through brand management software, such as a through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) platform, that does three key things:

  1. Keeps all of the latest collateral easy to access 24/7.
  2. Makes customization easy for every approved user.
  3. Connects directly to a trusted print and fulfillment partner.

Anticipating the Visit

Once a patient has chosen your business for their care, the onboarding process begins. Here, the same asset centralization, customization, and execution support remain critical, but with two added criteria: personalization and privacy.

Now, you’re sending patients onboarding forms, billing information, and details about their upcoming services. Whether in print or online, you’re working with personal health information (PHI) and financial data (PII) that must remain secure. So, your brand management software—and the print and fulfillment partner on the other side of the screen—must be able to ensure that every patient communication remains HIPAA compliant. This means preventing Jane Doe from accidentally receiving John Smith’s paperwork, and it means handling all PHI in a way that ensures data remains absolutely secure every step of the way.

But, even with these stakes in place, new patients still need frequent, consistent communication to reassure them that they’re in good hands, alleviating as much stress as possible before the visit. Fortunately, the right brand management software can help you stay compliant and

During the Visit: What’s Happening Now?

From the moment a patient walks in the door, your marketing strategy is impacting their experience. Directional signage makes them comfortable by showing them where to check in and where to wait. Then, educational materials allow them to learn more about your practice and offerings while they wait, ideally sparking questions and discussions about their conditions, treatment, and ongoing care with the provider.

Signs, brochures, cardboard displays, and other onsite marketing materials are all a continuation of the conversation you started with patients before they even booked their visit, and so must be consistent in tone, aesthetics, and quality. This goes back to ensuring every user has the ability to order high-quality printed assets from a trusted vendor, inside the through-channel automation platform. The same vendor who provides the pre-appointment marketing and communication material should have a diverse range of commercial print services, including the signage, corrugated displays, and grand format materials that make the in-clinic experience as welcoming and informative as the pre-visit experience.

After the Visit: Friendly Follow-Up

In the days and weeks following a patient’s visit, savvy healthcare providers know to stay top of mind—and continue demonstrating care for the patient—through targeted outreach reinforcing the in-clinic marketing. These could be a series of educational emails from a PT clinic about a treatment plan, a coupon from a chiropractor for a discount off the next visit, an informational packet from a nursing home following a tour to provide additional details about what life is like for residents…These materials can take on countless forms, but their purpose is the same: keep patients (and potential patients) engaged after their first visit.

Executing An Omnichannel, Long-Term Patient Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of moving pieces to a robust omnichannel marketing strategy, but it’s critical to build strong relationships with patients and ensure they have a great experience with your organization—from first encounter to first visit and far beyond.

The right brand management software is key to getting it done, and OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect is a through-channel marketing automation platform designed to do it all. Users can access the latest assets and updates in one place, 24/7, customize them based on their specific audiences’ needs, and order printed materials from OneTouchPoint directly through U.Connect.

Our commercial print services include high-volume and on-demand printing for assets of all shapes and sizes, not to mention kitting and fulfillment services that ensure your assets will get to the right place, on time, every time.

Learn more about how OneTouchPoint supports healthcare organizations’ complex marketing initiatives. Then, when you’re ready, contact us and one of our experts would love to talk about your company’s needs.

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