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2020 Year in Review: A Year of Challenge and Pivots

Through an unpredictable year, we continued to collaborate, create and grow. Time to reflect on 2020!

Despite the insurmountable challenges these past 12 months, somehow the world keeps spinning and the holidays are upon us. Besides the clear implications of COVID-19 shattering the world as we know it, it was a year of pivots, change and growth for OneTouchPoint. I want to take a moment to pause and reflect, as 2020 demands some attention.

While the pandemic triggered an enormous amount of personal and economic angst and uncertainty, watching how our employees and customers have faced these challenges head on has been inspiring. Many of our clients had to pivot their business models and change how they engage and communicate with their end clients. Most worked with reduced and furloughed staff throughout the year. And in some cases, our services and technology have helped our customers respond to new demands and new ways of doing business. For example, one customer is helping to ensure patient needs get met through the production of life-saving ventilators with OneTouchPoint producing the technical manuals that get shipped with them. We’ve also supported school districts in producing distance learning school packets and desk shields, major food stores have ordered social distancing signage, and others have come to us to create care packages for furloughed employees. In addition, we’ve helped source PPE equipment for the medical teams administering COVID-19 tests on the front lines and have executed targeted direct mail campaigns to help clients remain open during these challenging times. I am proud that we have been able to lend critical support for these efforts.

As part of our commitment to continually improve our products and services to solve our client’s business problems, we launched a suite of Digital Marketing Services, focused on providing powerful, prescriptive digital marketing for local stores, affiliates, dealer networks, clinics, and more through the acquisition of Bluewater. The acquisition brought proven, proprietary technology, a seasoned team and an entire new suite of capabilities to our end-to-end offering. The combination of our technology, commercial print production and managed services background in more traditional ‘offline’ marketing tactics with our new online/digital capabilities and expertise in the franchise and multi-unit/multi-location market makes a compelling and differentiated end-to-end solution for the distributed marketing needs of our customers. We also announced the release of our Every Door Direct® (EDDM) module. The module includes advanced mapping and scheduling capabilities that allow clients to more quickly and easily build local carrier and delivery routes once for reuse in ongoing campaigns.

We welcomed several new customers from some of the most well-known brands and are proud to help enable them to consistently deliver stunning branded customer experiences at scale; and to grow their businesses to even higher heights.

We continue to hone our strong commercial printing capabilities and remain a leader in the industry. We’ve also continued to invest and add integral functionality and upgrades to our marketing services and U.Connect platform to serve the needs of modern organizations.

Through an unpredictable year, we continued to collaborate, create and grow together. Even though this holiday looks different than most, there are things that remain the same—like our appreciation for our customers, partners and dedicated employees. As we reach the end of an extremely unusual year, we’d like to thank you for sticking with us. You’ve validated our efforts by continuing to partner with us. We look forward to working with you in 2021.

Onward and Upward & Happy Holidays!

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