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5 Ways OneTouchPoint Simplifies Print Marketing Management

Learn how OneTouchPoint can ensure efficient, high quality print marketing without busting the budget.
Tips for Print Marketing Management

For multi-location businesses — from franchises brands with far-flung distribution networks to manufacturing companies supplying dealer networks or businesses with offices and storefronts scattered across the country — print marketing that’s high quality without busting the budget and is customizable without sacrificing brand integrity is a must. It’s also often elusive. To meet this goal, global marketing departments have embraced a variety of strategies:

  • Some take on the burden of managing print marketing for every local rep on their own, adding at least one more full-time job to their already full plates.
  • Others allow local reps to maintain full control, putting both budgets and brand quality control on the line.
  • And some turn to third-party print procurement brokers and intermediaries who promise to find the best rates for their client’s marketing materials. These brand leaders often learn that something that sounds too good to be true often is.

We’re happy to report that there’s another — better — way. At OneTouchPoint, we pride ourselves on being a single production vendor for our clients. With a central management platform and five production and fulfillment facilities across the country — we are equipped to ensure every marketing asset is produced accurately and efficiently, meeting and exceeding each brand’s quality, compliance and consistency standards. Here’s how we help with print marketing management:

Lower Costs (& Increase ROI)

By eliminating the third-party broker markup and controlling print marketing management costs, our clients typically enjoy a cost savings of 10 to 20 percent across the board. How do we achieve that savings?

For starters, as the single-source vendor, we own all our own equipment, meaning our clients can immediately cut machinery leases, raw materials like paper, and significant freight expenses from their budgets.

Next, we do everything in our power to minimize costly waste. We improve stock inventory management to be sure you’re not wasting money storing out-of-date materials or printing a new batch of brochures when you’ve already got boxes of them in the warehouse. We also offer digital print-on-demand to ensure you never have to print (and pay for) more than you have to.

Our local partnerships and national presence enable us to leverage economies of scale for lower production, shipping, and freight costs, and with no “middle man,” there’s no broker markup to account for, either.

Ease the Burden of Doing Business

No longer are our clients juggling multiple contracts (with their widely varying terms), lead times, workflows, and contacts for every piece the supply chain. Instead, OneTouchPoint is the single source of contact for all things print marketing management. Our team has the people, national experience, processes, and technology in place to implement streamlined solutions to support the entire marketing supply chain. Our dedicated account managers work consistently with clients through every step of our sophisticated print management process.

All in, OneTouchPoint’s end-to-end service model provides the solutions our clients need to control spending, manage inventory, reduce turnaround time on print materials, and ensure marketing content reaches customers in stores, in their mailboxes, and anywhere else they may be. All with just one point of contact.

Improve Workflows

Significant credit for our cost reduction, increased efficiency, and quality product performance goes to the workflows that we manage carefully in-house.  Our dedication to in-house production — supported by a nationwide network of leading commercial and digital print-on-demand equipment and technology — leads to reduce costs and faster production times. We’re obsessed with creating cost-effective processes that minimize waste, and our ISO:9001:2015 certification means we follow the best-known standards for quality. (Learn about our ISO and other certifications here.)

What’s more, we’re always working to improve. Our quarterly satisfaction surveys highlight ways we can better serve our customers, and we take this feedback seriously, using it to further hone our workflows and processes.

Provide Full Transparency

A lot of waste — in time, materials, and money — comes from a lack of transparency within the organization. When it’s hard to get a clear idea of what’s happening in the department, that’s when the most “paper jams” happen. At OneTouchPoint, we’re dedicated to providing full transparency across the entire marketing supply chain.

We define and report regularly on the KPIs that matter most to our clients, and we hold frequent strategic business reviews with our account teams. Additionally, we ensure our clients have total visibility into and control over spending with comprehensive price monitoring and reporting. Our regular performance standards reports roll all of this together to provide full transparency into business activities including spend, quality, on-time delivery, and other specifications our clients want to see.

Guarantee Service Level Improvement

Finally, we go to great lengths to ensure these efficiencies and cost savings never compromise quality. All of our suppliers are best-in-class, and they’re also subject to strict audits and management processes to ensure continued quality.

At OneTouchPoint, we’ve produced more than 155 million pieces for clients in a wide range of industries, with accuracy rates exceeding 99 percent. We understand how critical branding is to business success, so when it comes to producing marketing collateral, we’re committed to ensuring every product sends exactly the right message — and at the right price. We invite you to contact us to learn more or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results.

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