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How Can Businesses Streamline Processes to Enhance Marketing ROI?

Learn how to streamline the processes involved in print and digital marketing to achieve maximal results with minimal spend.
Tips to increase your marketing ROI

While effective marketing was once considered something like magic, the reality is that businesses know how important it is to track the return on every penny invested in their marketing efforts, identifying what’s working and what’s not, and where to cut costs to increase ROI. A big part of that effort comes from streamlining the processes involved in both print and digital marketing, trimming out wasted time, effort, and resources to achieve maximum results with minimal spend. At OneTouchPoint, we do just that for our customers, bringing production efficiency and multichannel marketing capabilities together with a single platform to create an elevated consumer brand experience — with a serious ROI.

How do we do it? We focus on two core facets of the marketing effort: supply chain efficiency and marketing campaign effectiveness. When our clients are able to streamline their efforts in these two areas, they see significant growth. We’ll show you how.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Increasing that ROI starts by taking control of your marketing supply chain. From direct mail pieces to point-of-sale brochures and store signage of every shape and size, to product samples, retail kits, and beyond, the volume of materials moving through a business’ marketing supply chain is not insignificant. When managing all these moving parts requires juggling multiple vendor contracts, production sites, location-specific regulations, local teams, and disparate budget trackers, the inefficiencies — in time and money — add up quickly. To streamline processes and minimize waste, we employ two strategies.


First, we simplify the management of goods and products into a much more efficient workflow. By replacing the varied vendor contracts with just one vendor who can provide holistic marketing and marketing supply chain support, our clients are able to simplify product oversight exponentially, making them more efficient and saving significant time and money.

The OneTouchPoint team offers end-to-end solutions to transform the marketing organization — from on-demand marketing execution to localized digital marketing and everything in-between, we support the entire marketing supply chain as a single vendor. That means one contract, one point of contact, one relationship to manage. And, because we support the healthcare, financial, manufacturing, franchise, grocery, and beer, wine & spirits industries, OneTouchPoint is considered an essential business, meaning we’re always open and ready to support our clients.


One of the biggest drivers of inefficiency in marketing is when stakeholders find themselves reinventing the wheel at every turn. That’s why our next step is to help you standardize production processes and workflows leveraging best practices—from design to ordering to shipping—to ensure all goods and materials are created in and distributed from the most efficient and effective production environments. No longer are local marketers seeking out their own printers and distributors (and gambling on quality); no longer are national teams juggling dozens of suppliers’ varying processes and procedures. At OneTouchPoint, we leverage onsite print, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution technology and services in facilities across the country, providing the desired result at the lowest cost for every marketing piece.

Marketing Effectiveness

Of course, the supply chain is only half the battle. The next step is using these materials to launch multichannel marketing campaigns that ensure customers engage with your brand, both online and in person, throughout the buyer’s journey. At OneTouchPoint, we accomplish this by helping our clients ensure brand consistency across every interaction and drive customer interactions across every channel. Once more, we focus on two primary strategies.


Our user-friendly online portal, U.Connect, makes asset management a snap, giving users the autonomy they need to create their own campaigns while maintaining the controls required to ensure brand integrity, budget management, and more. Giving users — franchisees, distributors, local sales reps, etc. — twenty-four-seven, centralized access to pre-approved collateral templates and empowering them to create and execute their own campaigns ultimately powers brand consistency across distributed environments, reduces workload, and increases efficiencies. This enhances the quality and reach of marketing campaigns while leaving marketers with more time and resources to focus on strategy rather than execution.


And finally, as it does with the supply chain, integrating online and offline campaigns under one vendor’s umbrella goes a long way in streamlining those marketing efforts. At OneTouchPoint, we pride ourselves on helping our clients pair the right campaigns, technology, and expertise with proven online and offline marketing programs to grow the ROI. Clients can use OneTouchPoint to create and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns (funded by corporate, local store, or co-op dollars), gather data, and analyze results to ensure every facet of the campaign is driving the desired impact. And all with one centralized resource platform and one point of contact for support along the way.

With consumer demand for consistent, multichannel brand engagement higher than ever, keeping the marketing engine running smoothly is a challenge for any organization — especially those that are juggling localized marketing efforts at locations across the country. With OneTouchPoint you can streamline key processes to enhance marketing initiatives even while you rein in the budget.

Contact us to learn how you can easily create, execute, and monitor multichannel marketing campaigns and empower local stores to market locally leveraging traditional, social, and digital channels, using OneTouchPoint’s centralized, technology-driven platform to keep your business on message, on brand, and on target.

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