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Kickstart Your End-of-Year Marketing Plans with Digital

Looking to reboot your marketing strategy? Let's take a look at your digital programs.

When looking to reboot your marketing strategy as the end of the year approaches, we recommend looking at your digital programs. Digital marketing is an essential tool in the marketer’s toolkit, with 56% of companies reporting it will constitute their top area of spending this year (Source: IBID). How well your digital marketing performs will either help, or hurt, many of your other brand channels, including your website, content marketing efforts, inbound tactics, and even your more traditional marketing efforts like print and events. It’s also an affordable and quick way to pivot and make changes to help hit your end of year goals.

To start, ask yourself what are the goals of my digital marketing efforts. Are you trying to engage in more sales cycles before the end of the year? Are you trying to bring existing customers back into your store? Are you new and trying to get brand awareness in your local area? Your answer will help you focus on what content to create and what assets to build.

Brand Awareness “I want more people to know about my brand, products and services.” Get reach with:

  • Paid Media
  • Social Media
  • Content Placement
Acquisition or Lead Generation “I want to bring new people who’ve never bought into my buyer’s journey.” Get conversion with:

  • Retargeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Channel & Partner Marketing
Growth from Existing Customers “I want people who’ve already bought from me to buy more frequently?” Grow revenue with:

  • Offers and promotions
  • Post purchase & POS
  • Loyalty messaging and rewards

We know that digital marketing strategy requires intense planning as well as constant management,
optimization, and evaluation to be effective, consuming resources and time that many brands and
locations do not have, especially after this crazy year—so we want to make it easy. Download our ebook Digital Marketing: The Play by Play for tips, tricks and prescriptive plans you can put in place to help reboot and refresh your end-of-year plans and learn more about our digital services here.

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