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Localize Offers & Messaging with Every Door Direct Mail®

Learn how Every Door Direct Mail campaigns can give your business a leg up with potential customers in your area.

Now more than ever, your marketing strategy is critical and you’ve likely found yourself having to pivot your plans. It is vital for marketers to select the right marketing mix among the vast array of channels to best engage consumers with the highest ROI. Add in the complexity of messaging during this critical time, it can be easy to overlook a simple, yet very effective marketing channel — direct mail.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a quick, cost-effective, proven method to communicate to local markets – from local franchises sharing new pick-up hours to local stores providing coupons to drive online sales – delivered directly to your consumer’s mailboxes.

What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a USPS service that allows businesses to send mail pieces to every house (PO Box and/or Businesses) on selected routes without having to purchase a mailing list or bulk mail permit. While EDDM doesn’t allow hyper-specific tailoring like targeted direct mail does, businesses using this service aren’t flying blind. You can select mail routes based on criteria like residents’ average age, household size and income.

With a lower postage rate than targeted direct mail and no need to pay for lists or permits, EDDM lowers the barrier of entry for direct mail and provides an easy way to communicate with households based on their geographic location.

For independent retail and services businesses, franchises and brands with locations and sales reps across the region or across the country, local marketing is a critical driver of each location’s success. According to BizReport, 85 percent of consumers seek stores and services within a five-mile radius of home, indicating that businesses would be wise to make their presence known within that same radius.

With EDDM Marketers Can:

  • Deliver marketing mailers to every address in a defined geographic area: by neighborhood, by city or by ZIP code
  • Create and launch local or national campaigns
  • Target only residential addresses, PO Boxes and/or business, depending on your target audience(s)

Will EDDM Work for my Business?

As EDDM reaches every address in defined zip codes across the US, businesses are best suited for using this type of direct mail if the products and/or services they offer have mass appeal – the more niche your business is, the less effective EDDM becomes.

Restaurants are a great example of an industry perfectly positioned to capitalize on EDDM. Often, we see them sending menus and coupons to local customers. In the current times that we’re facing with COVID-19, local restaurants can capitalize on the low cost, yet effective model of EDDM, to communicate new polices such as new pick-up only hours, offer coupons to incentivize customers – or simply let them know they are open for business (and located nearby).

On the other hand, a commercial safety equipment manufacturing company would not be a good candidate for EDDM. Since their audience is so well-defined (construction and maintenance supervisors), they need targeted mailing lists to get the most out of their campaigns.

This doesn’t mean your EDDM can only be sent to local addresses; nor does it mean you can’t use demographics to improve your EDDM response rates. An online retail jewelry company, for example, might send EDDM mailers to affluent neighborhoods nationwide.

Should use EDDM Should NOT use EDDM
  • Your product or service has mass appeal
  • Your product or service only relates to a narrow demographic
  • Everyone wants or needs your product or service
  • You cannot reach your audience within a defined geographic area
  • You can identify neighborhoods in which most residents or businesses are within your target audience

How Do I Get Started?

EDDM mailers should adhere to the same branding and messaging standards as any printed or online marketing piece, and marketers should set goals, success metrics (phone calls, website visits or sales, for example) and some kind of tracking methodology like they would for any other campaign.

Keep in mind that there are some regulations as to the shape and size of mailers that can be sent via EDDM, so it’s important to work with a savvy printer or marketing partner that can ensure your mail pieces meet the USPS requirements.

If the logistics burden seems daunting, don’t panic. Single-source print marketing execution partners like OneTouchPoint, with USPS experts on staff, can work with marketers to be sure EDDM mail pieces are both USPS compliant and
high-quality representations of your brand and its offerings.

EDDM at OneTouchPoint

OneTouchPoint’s EDDM® (Every Door Direct Mail) takes traditional EDDM services a step further. We help simplify the process by enabling an end-to-end solution through a single point of contact, streamlining your operations and allowing you to focus on your core business.

With OneTouchPoint’s EDDM solution businesses can:

  • Use easy-to-use advanced mapping tool to select mail routes & delivery date(s)
  • Allow business owners to localize approved brand assets, select mail areas, order & pay – and skip the red tape!
  • Leverage a one-stop-shop — we’ll handle the print, payment, processing and delivery
  • Tap into 1:1 support, including best practice guidance

To learn more about how we can help you create a successful EDDM mailing program, download our data sheet and contact us for a free consultation. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to help you get your message in the hands of our consumers as quickly as possible, all at a great price.

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