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Showcase Your Brand with Value Added Packages This Holiday Season (& All Year Long)

Value Added Packages (VAPs) examples from OneTouchPoint

For alcohol and beverage brands vying for consumers’ attention on crowded retail shelves, standout presentation is a critical way to catch eyes. From product packaging to corrugated displays to shelf-talkers, engaging with consumers, both on and off the shelf, is the number-one way to edge out the competition in a retail setting.

One especially powerful retail play are value added packages (VAPs), a strategic tool used to showcase products by enhancing their appeal and adding additional value for consumers. A VAP combines the core product with complementary items — think: your premier wine offering paired with a customized corkscrew, or your top liquor packaged with all the ingredients needed to make a signature cocktail — all presented in custom, limited edition packaging. Essentially packaged as a ready-to-give gift, a VAP gives customers a compelling reason to purchase — for loved ones, for colleagues or for themselves (we’ll never tell!). For alcohol and beverage companies, VAPs drive sales and foster brand loyalty by delivering a top-shelf consumer experience.

At OneTouchPoint we know the value of a VAP, and we love working with our alcohol and beverage customers creating these powerful marketing tools. From engaging and functional custom design to product and materials procurement to full-service kitting and fulfillment, we provide customers end-to-end support to deliver maximum value with every VAP.

Designing the perfect value added packages for the season.

Whether your VAP ties into the holiday season, football season, graduation season or any other season, our team will help you design the perfect limited-edition packaging and custom gift sets, with thoughtful attention to materials, visuals, legal regulations and even regional variations (local language, team colors, etc.) to ensure every VAP sends just the right message.

And we’re concerned not only with aesthetics, but with functionality as well. Nobody wants a broken gift with purchase, so our designers ensure the packaging will protect your core product as well as any complementary contents. Cheers to that.

Streamlining procurement & production.

At OneTouchPoint, there is little we love more than great swag, so procuring the perfect gifts to complement your core products is right up our alley. From glassware to wearables to cocktail ingredients, we can source it — at a quality that matches your high brand standards and a price point that honors your budget. And we do the same for packaging, leveraging our extensive network of suppliers to procure premium materials that will protect your products and make your brand stand out in the crowd — then producing that packaging in one of our seven nationwide warehouses, with strict quality control measures to ensure your value added packages look and function exactly as they should.

Managing kitting & fulfillment.

When it comes to kitting and fulfilling value added packaging, of course there are extra layers of regulation around alcohol. While many marketing production partners can only produce the packaging — and leave the brands on their own for kitting and fulfillment — OTP has a bonded warehouse that can take in alcohol products, enabling us to kit and fulfill the complete package for our customers.

That’s a huge load off their shoulders, as they no longer have to juggle multiple vendors or dedicate better-used human resources to assembling and fulfilling the gift bundles. Instead, they can rest assured OneTouchPoint has execution covered from beginning to end, while they focus on the strategic initiatives that really move the needle. Learn more about how OneTouchPoint supports clients in the alcohol and beverage industry — from value added packages to coupons and beyond. Then, when you’re ready, request a complimentary demo with one of our experts to discuss your marketing needs and the ways our team and our platform can help.

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