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Take the Pressure off Print Marketing Production with OneTouchPoint

High-quality collateral is the foundation of a successful print marketing campaign. Learn how OneTouchPoint takes the stress out of print production.

Today, we want to take a deep dive into a critical step at the foundation of a print marketing campaign: production.

Production of marketing assets — turning those digital designs into beautiful collateral — is the first challenge in boosting your brand through print marketing. From brochures to banners and from flyers to floor stickers, brand leaders are depending on quality products that deliver the right brand messaging to both current and future customers.

But when a business is spread across multiple locations, whether you are a franchise, multi-location retailer or you have dealers selling your products in stores across the country, ensuring every campaign begins with quality collateral is easier said than done. The corporate marketing team doesn’t have the time or resources to manage every individual print need, but if collateral is being produced by different printers across the country, it’s nearly impossible to ensure consistency and quality while keeping a handle on costs.

When you and your brand representatives (the franchisors, store managers & dealers) — wherever they’re located — can produce all your business’ marketing assets with a single vendor, the enhanced brand consistency and the savings in resources, time and stress add up quickly for a better brand reputation, more successful campaigns and a healthier bottom line.

OneTouchPoint prides itself on being that single production vendor for our clients. With seven production facilities across the country, we can ensure every marketing asset is produced correctly and on time, meeting and exceeding our clients’ standards for quality and consistency. Here’s an overview of what it’s like to let OneTouchPoint take production off your shoulders.


Here at OneTouchPoint, we’re passionate about helping our clients deliver impactful messages every time. Our comprehensive suite of commercial print services can be tailored to fit virtually any budget and any range of needs, from simple flyers to complex variable data print on-demand and grand format products.

Our digital-on-demand print offerings mean clients can place orders in just about any quantity, reducing costs and minimizing waste and stock obsolescence. Our presses can manage and produce high-quality professional products in large quantities, from black-and-white to Pantone color match to custom inks and more, in a wide array of paper types and sizes. And our clients aren’t limited to the smaller-format collateral, either. From signage to banners to vehicle wraps, our grand format, full-color graphics are always high-impact.

Additionally, because we know 52 percent of customers are likely to switch brands if communications aren’t personalized to them, we offer full variable content that makes it easy to customize materials to connect with recipients one on one.

When OneTouchPoint is your printing partner, you can rest assured projects will be delivered on time, on brand and on budget. But we don’t stop with collateral printing.


We’re dedicated to helping clients design and create the perfect packaging to showcase products and mailers. We provide custom packaging templates and tools to help clients display their offerings in a way that delights customers. From hang tags to bottle toppers to 3D mailers, our top-of-the-line die cutting machines enable clients to feature their designs in the custom shapes and forms their products call for, and our in-house design experts can create custom prototype packaging for every new product or mailing.


And here at OneTouchPoint, we put as much thought into the finishing touches as every other piece of the project. Our full-service bindery includes collating and kitting, numbering, stitching (or folding, comb binding, tabs and more) and shrink wrapping. And our lamination and UV coating extend the life of our clients’ products by protecting them from moisture, scratches, tears and fingerprints.

We’ve produced more than 155 million pieces for our clients, and when it comes to production, the sky’s the limit. Your brand’s reputation is critical for your business’ success, and the foundation of that reputation is your marketing collateral. We pride ourselves on making sure every piece of collateral sends exactly the message you want it to.

When you’re ready, contact us to learn more, or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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