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The Franchisor’s Secret to Streamlining Local Marketing Management

Franchisors often have to micromanage every franchisee’s local marketing efforts. Learn to streamline franchise marketing and enhance your brand.

For national marketing leaders, managing franchisees’ and local reps’ marketing efforts can be a near-full-time job. And that’s on top of their actual, everyday responsibilities. The franchisor or CMO is responsible not only for national marketing initiatives, but for providing localized marketing support, managing inventory, orders and budgets and ensuring local reps have up-to-date materials — all in an effort to grow the business while protecting brand integrity.

And, of course, as the business grows, adding more and more franchises to manage, this job becomes more and more difficult. It’s no wonder the CMO Council reports that 53 percent of national marketers lack the resources and bandwidth they need for local marketing — while LocalVox reports that 64 percent of franchisees are disappointed with the marketing support they receive.

But, for successful franchises, quality, effective, uniform local marketing is a must. After all, today’s customers have higher demands for their interactions with brands than ever before, demanding frequent, consistent, omnichannel experiences. And if those demands aren’t met, they also have more options than ever. Salesforce reports that 76 percent of consumers say it’s easier than ever to take their business elsewhere, and 73 percent will do it if their brand engagement expectations aren’t met.

So, the stakes are high, but for a national marketer managing a growing list of franchisees, the to-do list is simply too long. What’s the solution?

National brands need a way to consolidate their marketing assets, budget allocation efforts and campaign tracking, empowering franchisees to develop, execute and track their own print marketing campaigns. In short, they need a turnkey solution that minimizes corporate oversight and optimizes customer experiences with every franchise location.

OneTouchPoint offers that turnkey solution, acting as the savvy franchisor’s secret to effortless local marketing. We help leading franchise marketers empower franchisees to create localized experiences that maintain brand consistency and quality while balancing design spend, simplifying operations and tracking the success of every tactic and every campaign.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways OneTouchPoint makes franchisors’ lives easier.

Controlling Brand Integrity & Powering Local Store Marketing through Centralized Assets

When local marketers don’t have easy access to the latest collateral, that puts brand quality at risk. They either have to reach out to the national organization every time they need a document (leaving national marketers drowning in collateral requests) or, rather than wait, they’ll simply make their own. Either leads to significant wasted time, and the latter dilutes the customer experience by ruining brand consistency.

But OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect platform provides sprawling franchise businesses with a centralized, digital hub where the national team can store the latest and greatest collateral, providing easy access for local marketers who may need anything from flyers to floor stickers. And what’s more, the platform gives franchisees the power to customize that collateral — within corporate parameters — with details that are relevant to their particular audiences.

No longer are local marketers “winging it” or swamping corporate with collateral requests. Now every franchisee has the power to develop and execute their own, brand-consistent campaigns that speak to local potential customers.

High-Quality Bulk & Print-on-Demand with Kitting & Mailing Support

Additionally, OneTouchPoint functions as a single-source partner for all things print. Whether a franchisee needs five thousand brochures or a single banner, local marketers an order exactly what they need, when they need it, and we’ll take care of it at our full-scale, commercial printing facilities. Even better, we also handle kitting, assembly and distribution to local stores or directly to prospective customers from our seven facilities across the country.

We know that marketing campaigns are time-sensitive initiatives, and it’s our goal to help local marketers execute their campaigns efficiently to stay ahead of customer conversations. By providing franchisees with access to a trusted vendor for printing and mailing needs, corporate can take a load off — rest assured every local rep is receiving consistent, high-quality collateral.

Up-to-Date Insights to Drive Smart Business Decisions

Transparency and visibility are critical to inform savvy business decisions, but with franchises and reps spread across the country using their own reporting systems, it can be nearly impossible for corporate to track which tactics are successful and which ones may not be worth the investment. Not to mention collateral quantities or budget spend.

But OneTouchPoint eases that burden, as well, providing real-time tracking of key metrics that help national and local marketers reduce waste, control budgets (and easily handle chargebacks) and design marketing campaigns based on strategies that have proven to be effective.

If you’re a franchisor or national franchise marketing leader looking to optimize operations, empower franchisees to create stand-out marketing campaigns and streamline budgets, OneTouchPoint is ready to help you bring your brand in lockstep with your business. Our commercial print power and national presence allow you to leverage scale/economies of scale for lower printing and shipping costs while powering consistently flawless brand engagements with your end consumer, whether in the store or on their doorstep.

To learn more about how OneTouchPoint can help you reduce waste, increase margin and enable your teams and partners for success, we invite you to contact us today!

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