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Welcoming New Clients to the Family: OneTouchPoint’s Onboarding Process

Learn how OneTouchPoint’s onboarding process makes platform adoption and integration frictionless — and even fun.

From a business perspective, there’s little more frustrating or disheartening than investing in a new product or system only to discover that, when it comes to implementation and optimization, you’re on your own. The vendor has delivered the product and disappeared — or their terms are so strict there’s no room for questions about how to make the most of your new investment. Without a thorough and supportive onboarding process, you’re at a loss, and you can feel your goals getting further away instead of closer.


The ROI of Onboarding

For businesses, failure to offer onboarding support is a dangerous and shortsighted move, as it prevents customers from leveraging all the fantastic features and services you offer, obscuring your value and driving significant churn.

On the other hand, onboarding is a powerful way to stand out among your competition, prove your value to customers, and turn buyers into evangelists. And this has been proven over and over again:

  • More than 90% of customers think companies “could do better” in terms of onboarding new customers.
  • 63% of customers consider a company’s onboarding program when making a purchasing decision.
  • 68% of customers will pay more to work with a company that has a good customer service reputation.

At OneTouchPoint, we pride ourselves on being a true partner for our clients, not just a vendor, and that partnership starts with a comprehensive onboarding process. We understand that our success is tied directly to our customers’ success — and we’re obsessed with helping our customers’ met their goals. OneTouchPoint has a proven onboarding process, and we are committed to working hand-in-hand with our partners to build a personalized onboarding plan based on the solutions and services being implemented.

Our onboarding mission: communicate and provide clear, concise and thorough plans that set every client up to achieve — and exceed — their goals. Your success, is our success.

OneTouchPoint’s Client Onboarding Process

“Having an onboarding structure to onboard new clients makes the process smooth and seamless. We love the opportunity to begin building a true partnership with each and every client as we work hand-in-hand to bring the solutions to life.”

– Christine Kropp, President of Technology and Digital Solutions, OneTouchPoint

So, what does OneTouchPoint’s onboarding process look like? Well, because every company’s needs are different, the process looks a little different for every client. Our process – though personalized – is built on our proven onboarding process and led by a team of subject matter experts. Let’s dive into the broad strokes:

Understanding Our Client’s Needs

Even before the contract is signed, we’re working closely with our clients to understand their current workflows (and what about them needs improvement) and their specific priorities and goals. This way, we can create a proof of concept tailored directly to each client, laying the foundation for a partnership that meets their current and ongoing needs.

“Each client has their own unique business needs, and as they join the OneTouchPoint family, our job is to understand those and work to ensure the smoothest onboarding process. We accomplish this by understanding their specific goals, business challenges and internal needs – then create a custom onboarding plan based on years of experience, our processes and how to best leverage our technology and suite of services. At the end of the day – every employee at OTP is passionate about delivering best-in-class service, solutions and technology that builds long-lasting partnerships.”

– Joni Diderrich Chief Commercial Officer of OneTouchPoint

Data & Asset Processing

Once that proof of concept – or statement of work – is approved and the contract is signed, our team begins working building our clients’ branded U.Connect portals and other functionalities, but we don’t stop there. We know data transfer can be a huge obstacle in implementing and launching new systems, so we handle the heavy lifting for our clients. We work with our customer contact(s) to collect all the branded assets, publications, user and customer information, etc. they’ll need and prepping, uploading, and cataloguing it for them, proofing and testing along the way.

Print & Fulfillment Setup

Next, we get everything set up for production, storage, and distribution on our end. This includes setting up inventory locations both within U.Connect and in our physical warehouses, creating dedicated spaces from which we can receive and fulfill your print orders. Additionally, we work with our clients to transfer all physical inventory from wherever it’s currently stored to our warehouse so that, as orders come in, we can take over fulfillment.

User Training

Before we go live with U.Connect or any of our other services or solutions, we conduct a thorough training to ensure users are familiar and comfortable with the new platform, processes, and workflows. And we don’t just mean your global marketing team — we mean all users. That’s franchisees, local brick-and-mortar managers, regional brand representatives, and anyone else who will be leveraging OneTouchPoint’s services to create, produce, and distribute marketing materials. We also understand that sometimes what seems crystal clear in a training session starts to feel a little murky later, and our team is here to support your organization, ensuring every user feels like a true pro.

Go Live

And finally, we’re there for the moment the new, branded portal goes live, working with you to ensure everything is functioning smoothly and our clients have everything they need, up and running, to start creating and producing powerful, localized multichannel marketing campaigns.

As a true partner for our clients, OneTouchPoint strives to be a single source of resources, functionality, and support for our clients’ brand control, on-demand marketing execution, order management and local digital marketing processes. And that starts from the very beginning of our engagement, with a customized onboarding process that sets everyone up for success.

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