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Why You Need a Brand Hub: How Centralizing Institutional Knowledge Can Transform Your Marketing

Learn how a centralized brand hub can support sprawling teams of local and national marketers by keeping critical materials front and center.

Most organizations have many cooks in the marketing kitchen, whether they’re local sales representatives or franchisees or directors in charge of social media, email, or print marketing. All of these folks may have varied responsibilities, but their end goals are the same: introduce the ideal audience to the brand, turn browsers into customers, and turn customers into lifelong fans.

So, they need access to the marketing processes and assets that have been carefully designed and curated by the corporate marketing leaders to help the team achieve these goals. One approach — likely the default for most companies — is a few folks to own those processes and manage the latest versions of the assets (or the overstuffed Google Drive folder where they’re all saved…usually) and for local marketers to reach out whenever they need to be sent that new brochure file or have a postcard customized for their territory or place an order with the printer.

That may be fine for a small company with minimal marketing needs, but for many brands, it’s not a sustainable solution. As the marketing team and its needs grow, holding reps’ hands and ensuring everyone has everything they need becomes a full-time job in and of itself. Not to mention what happens if the keeper of the assets goes on vacation or the person who owns the processes takes a new job. Today’s marketing teams are under pressure to do more with less, while customer’s expectations are higher than ever. (Salesforce reports that 73 percent of consumers say they’ll take their business elsewhere if they don’t have consistent opportunities to interact with brands across multiple channels and in multiple formats.) When local marketers don’t have access to the materials they need to execute effective multichannel marketing campaigns, brand integrity and reach are both in jeopardy. Keeping assets, logins, process documentation, guidelines, etc. locked up in one or two team members’ computers is just too risky.

The Solution: Make Institutional Marketing Knowledge Available 24/7 in a Centralized Brand Hub

Rather than allowing key information to be scattered here and there throughout the organization, what about establishing a centralized brand hub that makes the latest assets, up-to-date internal communications, and vendor access — and everything else local marketers could need — easily available at the drop of a hat?

No more emailing the PDFs of the latest point-of-sale brochure for the 15th time. No more having to take down a social media ad or throw away a stack of postcards because somebody “missed the memo” about personalization guidelines. No more managing every marketer’s print orders for them — or worrying about the quality of a vendor they may have chosen themselves. And no more chasing down budget information or campaign analytics. It’s all readily available to any team member at any time.

With this centralized hub, your teams will have 24/7, web-based access to mission critical information, they’ll never miss an update on policy or procedure changes, and they’ll be empowered to build seamless, positive, multichannel relationships with current and potential customers — even if the CMO is taking a sick day.

OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect platform does all of this and more. The platform is a powerful internal tool that keeps employees and leaders up to date on market changes and other business information that will impact marketing efforts and provides them with access to the latest approved messaging and collateral. With U.Connect in place, marketing leaders can rest assured that internal teams have everything they need to preserve brand integrity and execute stunning multichannel marketing campaigns that will catch customers’ eyes. Contact us to learn more about U.Connect — and the other ways OneTouchPoint helps businesses power brand engagement. Then, when you’re ready, we invite you to request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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