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Healthcare Insurance

Leverage our online storefront technology to manage enrollment, member communications, marketing, and more.

Reduce Obsolescence with Print-On-Demand

With ever changing regulations, OTP’s print-on-demand solution will help you reduce obsolescence by 20-30% and stay compliant.

Send Secure, Recurring Communications

A HITRUST certified technology platform that streamlines the secure, automated processing of your PHI from file receipt to delivery.

Create A Single Source of Truth for Assets

With modular templates, rights management & more, our brand management tech enables you to manage assets in one place.

Omnichannel Member Communications

Your member services marketing team will have the flexibility to create and customize digital and print assets and send secure emails within a single sign-on storefront. OneTouchPoint has helped insurers across the country recruit more members during the selling season and all year long for New-to-Medicare and Medicaid prospects.

Compliance Expertise & HITRUST Certified

OneTouchPoint is part of an exclusive group of organizations worldwide certified as HITRUST. Our security framework ensures that our solutions are built within secure web-based technology and allow member communications to be published to print, web, and email.

Marketing Orchestration

Enable your team to easily customize and order marketing materials for omnichannel distribution, including print-on-demand, secure email, and digital publishing.
Member services can view a library of approved on-demand products and have them shipped to multiple locations with full order tracking. Program managers can view usage and gain cost efficiencies with a full accounting across numerous cost centers.

Brands run on OneTouchPoint


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