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Centralize Marketing Efforts

Modern organizations need a centralized solution that keeps their brand in lockstep with their business, enabling the seamless execution of marketing programs at scale—across regions, offices, affiliates, partners, franchises and storefronts.

Brand Management

  • Protect Your Brand | Protect your reputation through a central brand command center.

  • Elevate Customer Experience | Improve marketing performance with exceptional customer experiences.

  • Empower Your Team | Arm your teams for success with easily-customized brand assets.

  • Accelerate Time-to-Revenue | Get to market quickly with rapidly deployable content and materials.

  • Capture Economies of Scale | Central management of inventory and funds enables insights into use and performance.

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Your Brand Workhorse

Your Brand Managers and Creators need a robust system that works as hard they do. By structuring your brand’s product imagery, logos, marketing collateral, text, fonts, video, photos and music into a centralized workflow, you enable your different users to represent your brand consistently for different audiences.

Automated Creative Workflows

Free your brand creators to spend more time creating and less time managing the busy work. In U.Connect, workflow and project management features are coupled with storage, organization and revision control of frequently changing digital assets:

  • Automatically create and store multiple formats, including various file resolutions for various outputs (print, web, digital media, etc.).
  • Create content variations with links back to original content.
  • Automatically change all renditions when content is changed with notifications to all owners that content has been modified.
  • Automatically manage licensing, permissions, roles, and security by user and asset; assets can programmatically expire and become unusable when licensing or permissions expire.

Brand Manager Nirvana

U.Connect enables end-to-end management of local, national, and global marketing campaigns and programs from production to distribution—offering digital asset management, governed localization and customization, Web2Print on-demand ordering and fulfillment, budgetary and financial controls and in-depth analytics.

  • Digitized Brand Guidelines
  • Content Activation
  • Connectivity Across Brand Experiences
  • Brand Performance Analytics

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