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Built for Restaurants & QSRs

Easily support grand openings across the country, launch multichannel local promotions, and take control of your brand across each location.

From front-of-house signage to localized multichannel campaigns, OneTouchPoint is your single source, end-to-end marketing partner.
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A One-Stop-Shop


Boost Local Brand Awareness

Our U.Connect technology platform enables your franchises and/or local store managers to increase local awareness by easily leveraging pre-approved brand campaigns that you create.

Empower local users with prescriptive online, offline, and in-restaurant multichannel marketing campaigns. These easy-to-use, turn-key brand campaigns allow users to localize assets, select mailing zones, rent lists and schedule mail dates to help build local awareness.

And with campaign dashboards analytics at your finger-tips, you can adjust marketing tactics on the fly.

Keep your Brand on Point

Whether you run a fast-casual, quick service or other type of restaurant, our flexible U.Connect technology allows you to have complete control over your brand. We can simplify your distributed marketing efforts by creating a single source of truth, enabling you to easily take control of your brand, manage funds, and scale content marketing operations – all while ensuring your brand is on point at every location, across every channel.

  • Provide 24/7/365 access to FOH/BOH materials
  • Manage price & location tiers
  • Define user access levels & approval workflows
  • Empower users with modular templates
  • Simplify grand openings to new product rollouts

Streamline (Nearly) Everything

Avoid the headache of managing multiple vendor relationships by leveraging our fully integrated suite of services. Our channel marketing platform, U.Connect, is fully integrated with our backend fulfillment, kitting, and distribution capabilities, enabling you to have a single vendor to support all of your needs.
We’ll handle the order management, production, and kitting & fulfillment, and deliver directly to any location with ease. At OneTouchPoint, we deliver solutions that optimize efficiency in production output saving you time and reducing costs.

We help front-of-house AND back-of-house teams

Front-of-House | Leverage our U.Connect technology to launch pre-approved content for your restaurant franchisees when and where they need it – ensuring your next campaign lives up to your brand standards.

Back-of-House | A restaurant’s BOH is headquarters for staff, and it should be equipped with all the resources team members need to do their jobs effectively. We provide solutions for all printed materials, including any signage regarding key safety rules, equipment storage, restaurant operations manuals and more.


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