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How to Make Your Dealers Your Top Marketers

HINT: Consistency is Key

Maintaining brand integrity across every distributor, vendor and representative is critical to local marketing success. Today’s customers expect to interact with brands in a wide variety of channels, both online and off, and their expectations for these interactions are higher than ever.

Download the tip sheet to learn the top 4 ways you can help your dealers become your top marketers:

  1. Keep marketing assets at users' fingertips
  2. Customize content for every buyer
  3. Leave the assembly and shipping to us
  4. Maximize value through in-depth reporting

About OneTouchPoint

OneTouchPoint helps manufacturing companies streamline their marketing processes, saving cost, time, and logistical headaches. We take the legwork out of print marketing campaigns and the guesswork out of analytics, empowering teams to spend more of their time and resources on developing powerful strategies to connect with potential customers.

We’ll handle the medium, so you can focus on the message.

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