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U.Connect, our through channel marketing automation (TCMA) platform, integrates localized marketing services and comprehensive brand management capabilities (from asset and fund management, ad builders, and more) – all of which is fully integrated with our powerful production, fulfillment and distribution capabilities.

The result?

You amplify awareness, drive a winning consumer experience and simplify the management of your brand. It's a winning combo.

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OneTouchPoint's U.Connect TCMA platform sits at the intersection of each offline, online and in-store customer touchpoint, simplifying the management of your distributed brand.

  • Support Nationwide Users | Approved users from franchisees, retailers, channel partners, to dealer networks get immediate access to your branded content, materials, kits, campaigns and more to localize, order (or download) and execute campaigns all based on your strategy.
  • Make it Local | Localizing messaging makes it relevant without losing your brand identity. U.Connects' tech controls ensures the message, even localized, is on point.
  • Mitigate Risk | Centralize your approved content and take the lag time and guesswork out of approval processes. Modular templates ensure verbiage is set by the organization, locked down, keeping the messaging compliant and on brand in every communication.

Key Features

UC Manage Assets and Content v4
Manage Assets & Content
Manage your brand with ease by allowing approved users to easily search, find, customize and order assets, kits and/or physical goods.
UC Leverage Modular Templates v2
Leverage Modular Templates
(Nearly) eliminate corporate marketing requests with modular templates that allow users to customize assets, localize ads, postcards & more.
UC Self services Capabilities v1
Self-Service Capabilities, 24/7
With an online storefront, marketing simply adds assets, content & goods – then users login, find, localize, order & pay for what they need.
UC Enable Local Marketing Execution v1
Enable Local Marketing Execution
Comprehensive marketing and execution services supporting subscription and on-demand digital, direct mail, print and email campaigns.
UC Produce Kit and Ship with Ease v1
Produce, Kit & Ship with Ease
Fully integrated commercial print, OMS & distribution capabilities to deliver directly to franchisees, local dealers, internal teams & more.
UC Set and Manage Funds at a User Level v1
Monitor with BI & Analytics
Understand all aspects of your business. Simplify analyzing your campaigns, internal budgets, stock usage and more with a single vendor.

Streamline & Scale.

With U.Connect, you have all of the tech enabled bells and whistles to ensure you can truly streamline your processes. By automating your marketing (or procurement) team processes, you’ll see increased efficiencies and effectiveness that translates into time back in your day.

Marketing sets the brand and business rules.

Your local reps access, localize, order and execute on your approved messaging and campaigns.

  • User self-service
  • Location profiles
  • Ensure compliance
  • Manage budgets
  • Control inventory
  • Automate approvals
U Connect Page Empower Your Local Brand Reps v6 01

Key Platform Tasks

UC Rights Mangement mockup v1
Rights Management

Govern everything at a user level – from what users can access, assets they can order, approvals needed, budget dollars and more.

UC Set and Govern Campaigns mockup v5
Set & Govern Campaigns

Create, set and launch new, local and national campaigns — from digital ads, direct mail, email campaigns, to in-store displays with complete oversight.

UC Lock down templates mockup v1
Locked Down Templates

Set what can (and cannot) be changed at an asset level with modular templates, ensuring users change only what you allow.

UC Set Custom Workflows mockup v2
Set Custom Workflows

Our flexible marketing platform allows you to set workflows – such as approval processes & shipping options – based on your business.

UC Fund Management mockup v1
Fund Management

Set budgets at the individual level - then go a step further and set business rules based on specific assets or goods.

UC BI and Analytics mockup v3
BI & Analytics

Analyze your business performance – from asset usage, order patterns, to spending at local & national levels.

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