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Your Brand
Command Center

The U.Connect platform helps companies take control of their brand, budgets and future, serving as a central command center for flawless marketing execution and supply chain management.

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Every Touchpoint

Launch localized marketing campaigns and manage your marketing supply chain through OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect platform—with full control over design quality, production quantities, distribution, and budget.

  • Control Customer Engagements
  • Arm Your Teams for Success
  • Achieve Brand Excellence
  • Capture Economies of Scale

Create pre-approved libraries of content and creative assets that can be customized, produced, and shipped on demand, all supported with a suite of business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

Key Features

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Asset Management
Access a catalog of digital assets that can be managed, purchased, downloaded and/or delivered electronically.
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Flexibility for end users across the globe to customize text and images, order retail kits, signage and more, all as defined by you.
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You customize the template and we print and ship the asset on demand.
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Business Controls
Financial, budget, and order controls for unlimited workflows, products and SKUs. You can receive alerts on production and inventory.
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Distribution Services
Ship globally with ease. Seamlessly distribute your goods to your franchisees, local dealers, internal teams or direct to your consumers.
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BI & Analytics
Understand all aspects of your business. Simplify analyzing your campaigns, internal budgets, stock usage and more with a single vendor.

Delivering Your Marketing Supply

U.Connect not only empowers your organization's front office, it enables advanced business controls and insights to understand marketing costs. For example, "In a single year, a client experienced a $120,000 savings in freight costs alone."

Furthermore buying from a single source lowers pricing and boosts cycle times, compared with using multiple vendors. Let U.Connect be your marketing lightsaber.

  • Boost Productivity
  • Cut Waste
  • Reduce Costs
  • Data Driven
  • Save Time
  • Spend Less
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Key Platform Tasks

Access branded assets

A single source for all of your branded assets.

Edit print templates
Edit print templates

Customize templates with artwork and copy.

Launch seasonal campaigns
Launch localized campaigns

Execute localized, targeted campaigns - offline and online.

Inventory management
Inventory management

See quantities and minimum order requirements.

Web to print
Web-to-Print order

Orders are printed and shipped on demand.

Business intelligence
Business intelligence

Track order quantities, cost, and budgeting thresholds.

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