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4 Reasons Why to Create a Single ‘Home’ for Your Critical Internal Communications

Arm your teams with the ability to access and leverage critical information with a single home for communications.

Patients have high expectations on how they interact with your healthcare organization’s brand – expecting personalized, consistent, multichannel connections with the healthcare organizations they use. This has placed increased pressure on healthcare marketers to adapt swiftly to ensure a patient-rich experience that builds both trust and loyalty to capture new (and repeat) patients. No easy feat, especially in this highly regulated industry.

And in 2020, healthcare marketers now must deal with the complexities of COVID – and swiftly adjust marketing plans and campaigns, while exploring and adding additional communication channels, as they look to replace in-person events marketing efforts.

With teams still working remotely, and information changing almost daily on COVID-19, internal communication is essential to success. Arming your teams with the ability to access and leverage critical information, the most up-to-date policies and procedures, assets, and campaign materials ensures that communication is effective and efficient across all of your locations, departments, physician liaisons, and affiliate hospitals.

Here are 4 reasons why you should create a single ‘home’ for your internal communications (and COVID-19 updates):

  1. Give your teams 24/7 access to mission critical information: Create and manage a centralized command center, making critical information, assets, and communications easily accessible, 24/7 with web-based access.
  2. Keep critical care information front and center: Update the homepage with the latest updates, policies, and procedures, so that critical care information is front and center. Keep the content relevant by adjusting the content based on the user, so that the information is directly relevant to them.
  3. Never miss an important health update: Create and maintain a “COVID-19” specific area and store all of your communications, content, and assets here – from how COVID is changing visitor polices, to how you’re handling move-in dates for Senior Living centers, to downloadable safety signage and new operational procedures – for easy access, downloads, print-on-demand and/or ordering.
  4. Create a seamless, positive patient experience: Gather input from your internal stakeholders, and produce (or update) assets with COVID information to create a seamless, positive patient experience. These newly created/updated assets can be turned into approved marketing templates that are easily accessible in a brand command center, which can then be customized/localized, ordered, and paid for by the user – all without bogging down the corporate marketing team.
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