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How to Make Your Healthcare Brand Stand Out

What does it take for multilocation healthcare systems to ensure their messages reach current and potential customers at the right place, every time?

In every industry, but in healthcare particularly, consumers demand personal, trusted relationships with their providers — and those relationships start with the marketing communications that set one brand apart from all the rest.

But how can healthcare marketing and communication leaders ensure potential and existing patients engage with their messaging in a meaningful way? In short, by ensuring consumers are encountering your brand wherever they go through the right combination of online and print marketing, including search ads, social media, and email along with physical signage, targeted mailers, and Every Door Direct Mail® campaigns.

Multichannel Marketing at a Glance:

There’s no denying the importance of these integrated, multichannel marketing and communication campaigns for companies that want to attract and retain patients, but for national healthcare marketing and communication leaders, managing all these moving pieces is a full-time job, and protecting the brand’s integrity — especially when organizations have facilities and staff spread out across the country — adds an additional level of challenge. Throw in critical regulatory language and the constant stream of updates around everything from new regulatory policies and procedures to local physician turnover to state-by-state COVID-19 precautions, and the stakes are higher than ever.

This level of oversight is more than any one person (or team) can manage manually, no matter how skilled and efficient they are. But unfortunately, many local teams are providers and practitioners who don’t have marketing experience and don’t have the time to learn. So, how can corporate marketing leaders empower their teams to create clear, consistent communication across every channel?

The key is to create a powerful “brand control center” that ensures your healthcare marketing campaigns are meeting consumers where they are and delivering the right message every time. This brand control center brings together a centralized platform that keeps the latest materials easily accessible at any time and an integrative marketing partner to manage the marketing supply chain along the way. So, when you are vetting potential marketing solutions, ask about these five key capabilities to ensure your teams get the support they need to elevate your company’s message above the competition.

  1. Brand Control: Does the vendor have a centralized hub from which to manage approved assets, templates, and campaigns across your organization and locations?
  2. Web-to-Print: How easy is it for users at the local and national levels to prepare, fulfill, and distribute orders wherever they need to go? And for the national team to track and manage local budgets?
  3. Fulfill and Ship: Can users localize and customize materials (within pre-approved parameters) and order collateral from one centralized platform connected to a trusted printing and fulfillment center?
  4. Multichannel Marketing Campaigns: Does the solution empower localized, targeted campaigns that span traditional, social, and digital channels, or is it all print or all digital all the time?
  5. Strategic Support: Can local users who aren’t marketing experts (and don’t have time to be) get the support they need to successfully implement their marketing initiatives with the confidence of a seasoned CMO?

The healthcare industry is a crowded space that deals with ever-changing information, tight regulations, and the challenge of managing branding and communications for sprawling organizations with multiple departments, locations, and affiliates across the country. If a national marketing leader wants the company’s voice to stand out, the key is to streamline brand control in order to ensure consistent, multichannel communications without spending countless hours micromanaging local teams. That’s where OneTouchPoint can help. We’re a one-stop shop for multi-location healthcare organizations, powering marketing and communications via our U.Connect platform, where creation, production, distribution, and fulfillment come together.

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