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Are Regulatory Concerns Impeding Your Financial Services Marketing Efforts? OneTouchPoint Can Help.

Learn how U.Connect helps financial services companies create multichannel marketing campaigns without compliance risks.
Regulatory Concerns for Financial Services Marketing Content

For any financial institutions with multiple locations and disparate local and national marketing leaders, keeping all the collateral design and messaging approved, up-to-date, and consistent can be a significant challenge. However, there’s an additional layer of complexity: all financial services marketing content must adhere to strict federal and state regulations.

If marketing content is disorganized in most industries, that leads to internal headaches and time lost searching for the latest. In financial services marketing, if regional marketers decide to create their own collateral rather than waiting for headquarters to share the preapproved assets (again), that could lead not only to brand dilution and erosion of customer trust.

With the stakes as high as they are, many financial services institutions simply opt to keep their marketing as simple as possible, eschewing the multichannel marketing strategies and personalized outreach that customers crave. While playing it safe may minimize regulatory risks, the strategy may fall short in terms of attracting new clients and building trusted, long-term relationships with current customers.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

A Centralized Hub for Financial Services Marketing Content

The key to empowering both corporate teams and far-flung local leaders to create and distribute rich, engaging multichannel marketing campaigns — without worrying about regulatory infractions — is to create a centralized hub to manage those campaigns. OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect platform
is a purpose-built platform that enables local marketers to leverage national-level campaigns at the local level. Here are a few of the ways U.Connect helps financial services marketers overcome the logistical and regulatory hurdles impeding their ability to connect with customers:

Maximize Marketing Efficiency & Preserve Brand Integrity

Keeping pre-approved materials at marketers’ fingertips accomplishes two things: First, it means they no longer have to waste hours sifting through Google Drive for the latest version of that brochure they need (or asking others to waste their time helping them find it).

Second, it means they’re not going to compromise brand integrity by either sharing outdated collateral or “going rogue” and creating their own. Rather, they’ll be able to easily grab the approved files they need, personalize the details for their particular audience and location, and either schedule them to publish on digital channels or order printed copies from right within the platform ensuring print quality. With U.Connect, marketers will gain precious hours back for core aspects of their job, and they’ll be able to provide customers with consistent, engaging communication across every channel.

Ensure Full Regulatory Compliance in Every Region

The ease with which U.Connect allows marketers to reach for preapproved materials means that every piece of every marketing campaign will meet federal regulations. However, there are also state-level regulations local marketers must meet, and a branch in Texas may have different messaging rules than one in California or Kentucky or New York.

Without a centralized asset hub, national marketing leaders (and their legal teams) have to oversee local marketing production to ensure every asset adheres to the standards for its region. But with U.Connect, the organization can store approved language for every region, making it easy for local marketers to personalize their assets with exactly the right details.

Deep Dive into Content Usage

The centralized hub keeps assets available and organized appropriately, and it also keeps usage data at marketers’ fingertips. Need to know when, exactly, a specific postcard was used? Need to know how much marketers in a particular region spent on digital advertising last quarter? The U.Connect platform keeps critical data at users’ fingertips, enabling analysis of ordering patterns and spending at the local and national level for better decision-making. By deep diving into your data, makes for more effective strategic decision-making and allows you to focus on creating content that connects with your consumers – leading to increased ROI.

OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect platform helps financial services companies take control of their brand, budgets, and future, serving as a central command center for flawless and compliant marketing execution and supply chain management. U.Connect enables end-to-end management of local and national marketing campaigns and programs from creation to distribution—offering content management, ability to lock down compliant language, governed localization and customization, Web2Print on-demand ordering and fulfillment, budgetary and financial controls, and in depth analytics.

To learn more about U.Connect — and the other ways OneTouchPoint supports multichannel financial services marketing initiatives, we invite you to contact us or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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