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Boost Your Marketing Management Strategies with OneTouchPoint

3 Reasons to Integrate Multichannel Marketing into Your Next Campaign

Marketing strategies used to be simple. Choose a channel and guide customers through the sales funnel stage-by-stage. Companies had complete control over the brand, the message and the buying process.

Today, however, things have changed––a lot.

As a result of the shift in the control over the buying process now in the hands of the consumer, people expect brands to not only engage them on multiple channels, while keeping their message and brand experience consistent throughout.

Multichannel marketing tackles this growing challenge by giving customers what they want most: Choice––the choice to listen, engage, and ultimately buy what they want, the way they want.

Whether you’re new to the concept, or simply want a fresh perspective on why it’s so important, here are three reasons multichannel marketing is essential to keep up with the changing market:

    1. Customers expect it from both  small businesses and large corporations
      • With so many ways to find information, customers are literally everywhere these days. Combine this with our appetite for convenience and there’s no arguing it’s on companies to get themselves in front of their customers, not the other way around.
      • Because consumers are now in almost total control of the buying process, success means creating integrated channel strategies that target the right audiences with the right message at the right time.
    2. Better results than single channel marketing
      • If you think multichannel marketing is more about checking boxes on what you “should” be doing and less about actual bottom line results, you may want to take a look at the numbers:
        • Mashable found that 72% of consumers prefer an integrated approach to marketing rather than dividing channels into distinct silos.
          Although many customers still interact through a single channel, an increasing number are using multiple channels in their buying process. On average, these people purchase about 30 percent more.
        • 60% of multichannel marketers reported increases of more than 10% in revenue attributed to their marketing initiatives.
    3. The pressure is growing
      • According to consumer researcher Jay Walker Smith, we’ve gone from being exposed to 500 brand messages a day to as many as 5,000 today, and the noise level is only growing.
      • For companies, this means the effectiveness of all communications will depend more and more on their ability to target specific audiences with personalized messages on the channels they use––the essence of any effective multichannel campaign.

The point here is simple: Marketing is changing fast and it’s up to companies to adapt.

New channels mean new opportunities for companies to reach people with their message, but at the same time, traditional channels continue to provide meaningful results. The challenge for marketers going forward is selecting which of these channels will be most effective and deciding the best budget to make their efforts work.

It’s no easy task, but here at OneTouchPoint, we help brands big and small make smart multichannel marketing decisions every day.

Here are three areas in which our team can boost your marketing management strategies:

1. Tackle the Planning & Organization with a Marketing Resource Hub

The more complex a marketing campaign, and the more people involved in its creation and execution, the more important it is to get organized upfront. Otherwise, you’re liable to end up with conflicting messages from channel to channel, along with collateral that “bends” brand guidelines — or ignores them altogether.

That’s why the first essential element of a successful multichannel marketing strategy is setting up a brand hub and collateral management platform. A brand command center like OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect keeps approved assets at every marketer’s fingertips so nobody ever has to spend time hunting down the latest assets or requesting them from a single marketing leader (who’s likely stretched thin as it is). Additionally, and even more importantly, nobody feels the need to reinvent the wheel, creating their own collateral because it’s easier than finding the approved version.

The hub provides airtight brand control by locking down global elements and styles — from brand colors and logos to key messaging — and giving local reps instant access to the most up-to-date collateral. Within those brand parameters, it also allows approved users the flexibility to customize assets for their particular audiences based on regional specifications, languages and more.

No longer does the HQ marketing team have to worry about consistency and quality of local brand messaging. And what’s more, the marketing hub allows users to order, e-mail and/or download assets or create print orders on demand, taking another load off the national team while making order quantities, costs and budgets transparent and trackable at any moment.

2. Order Management & Print Outreach

Whether local reps are placing their own orders through the U.Connect platform or the national marketing team — and authorized users — are working outside of U.Connect with OneTouchPoint’s inventory and order management system, we’re here to take the stress out of order management for all your brand materials.

We manage automated, recurring orders, including everything from new member mailings, those brochures that need constant replenishing to weekly, monthly or custom communication programs with 1:1 perfect match mailing within a secure environment. And we’re here for your one-off orders, too, from product samples to new store opening kits to grand format items for special events and campaigns.

From postcards announcing sales or grand openings to brochures and catalogs highlighting new offerings to the critical communications and sensitive material industries such as healthcare and financial services often send customers, print outreach is a significant piece of a multichannel marketing strategy.

To ensure printed materials accurately represent your brand’s quality and standards, savvy companies partner with trusted production vendors who can manage production, distribution, quality assurance, and compliance with strict regulations. Many companies turn to third-party print procurement brokers in an effort to streamline processes and minimize costs, but more often than not, this option is too good to be true.

Taking our order management one level deeper, we monitor inventory usage levels and develop a usage history that helps minimize waste while ensuring you have the branding materials you need on hand when you need them.

3. Managed Services

While all of this certainly can happen remotely, it doesn’t have to. OneTouchPoint’s managed services augment our clients’ staff with onsite programs that streamline operations and help control costs. We can manage print and mailroom operations as well as the inventory in your warehouse, physically inspecting and appropriately stocking materials and maintaining minimal inventory levels based on real-time usage and needs.

We leverage our supplier base to provide the best pricing and highest quality products for print supply, storage and fulfillment needs, and we assign program managers to provide technical and administrative support through every step of the production process.

In the ongoing effort to reduce costs and increase both quality and efficiency, moving key business aspects to a trusted partner can make a world of difference. From onsite equipment management to print, vendor-managed inventory and fulfillment management, when OneTouchPoint’s team becomes your team, we take day-to-day execution headaches off your plate and leave you with the time, energy and resources to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Still not convinced? Learn how centralizing operations with OneTouchPoint will save time and money and improve your brand’s quality and consistency.

How OneTouchPoint Overcomes 4 Major Marketing Management Challenges

From printing and warehousing to distribution and analytics, the marketing supply chain is complex, and if companies aren’t careful, the juggling involved can monopolize time and resources that would be better used elsewhere.

Companies with sophisticated marketing supply chain requirements, need a way to streamline marketing operations with one centralized point of contact managing each step of the process. That’s where OneTouchPoint comes in, with technologies, tools and resources to help marketers and supply chain managers create and deliver consistently great customer engagement experiences at scale, and without busting the budget.

Let’s take a look at four key friction points in marketing fulfillment that OneTouchPoint helps eliminate.

Asset Management

  • Customers expect — demand — consistency in their interactions with every brand, across all channels and from any source. But when franchisees, distributors, vendors, and local dealers are all working independently to promote your brand, it can be difficult to ensure everyone is working with the same high-quality assets to tell your brand’s story accurately and consistently.


  • Production of print marketing materials comes with its own set of challenges, from equipment maintenance and ongoing investment in printing materials — not to mention the space to house it all — to quantity management and format limitations. In-house printing is costly and complex, but there’s no need for your team to be the ones battling paper jams.

How OneTouchPoint can help

OneTouchPoint’s full-scale, commercial printing capabilities empower clients to produce stunning brand kits at the most cost-effective rates. Whether we’re managing your organization’s printing needs onsite or in one of our own facilities across the country, we can drive your entire print program, from design control, format, color, paper and quantity to full-scale technology solutions.

With print-on-demand capabilities to help prevent overproduction, lithographic printing, variable printing and grand-format, full-color custom graphics, we make your brand look amazing in any format — without breaking the bank. We help keep budgets under control by leveraging a comprehensive mix of company-owned production assets and our broad supplier base to provide the best pricing and most quality product for our clients.

And we don’t stop at printing. We also offer full-service kitting and finishing services, giving you the complete package.


    • Inventory storage and management can be a huge friction point in the marketing supply chain. These complexities range from cost implications due to overstocking, operational difficulties in space, and forecasting demands accurately. Often compounded by outdated systems that lack integration with other business functions, companies grapple with risk management, regulatory compliance, intricate return processes, and communication barriers between departments.

How OneTouchPoint can help

OneTouchPoint eliminates that friction point by managing seven nationwide warehouses to handle receiving, quality control, inventory tracking and order fulfillment. Additionally, OneTouchPoint works with many clients to manage on-site warehousing, checking inventory and managing deliveries and shipments from their very own offices.

  1. Shipping
    • Shipping entails not just the physical movement of goods, but also the coordination of multiple logistical elements. Costs can quickly escalate due to factors like fuel prices, custom duties, and carrier fees. The unpredictability of global events, such as strikes or weather disruptions, can further delay shipments, affecting campaign timelines.

Navigating through international shipping regulations, addressing packaging concerns, and managing potential returns amplify the complexity. In the marketing domain, where timely delivery is paramount, these shipping intricacies necessitate a robust logistical strategy to safeguard both budgets and brand reputation.

How OneTouchPoint can help

Our nationwide facilities also help alleviate the logistics headaches that come with shipping. We can produce and ship your materials in any of our facilities to minimize shipping costs and time. We send over 155 million pieces of mail per year, and our on-staff USPS experts and deep postal discounts help ensure that, whether you’re fulfilling local reps’ collateral orders via U.Connect or running a direct mail campaign, your marketing material gets where it needs to go quickly and at the most cost-effective rate possible.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts with OneTouchPoint

In today’s complex marketing landscape, consistency, agility, and efficiency have never been more crucial. The diverse channels and ever-evolving consumer expectations require brands to be at the top of their game, delivering consistent messages across all touchpoints. This is where OneTouchPoint steps in, offering a holistic solution for all your marketing needs—from impeccable asset management to efficient order fulfillment. With our U.Connect TCMA platform, we ensure your marketing strategies are not only up-to-date but also resonate with your audience, irrespective of the channel.

Ready to elevate your multichannel marketing strategies and experience the OneTouchPoint difference? Reach out to us and discover how our comprehensive solutions can streamline your marketing processes, ensure brand consistency, and drive exceptional results. Whether you’re dealing with complex marketing campaigns or need assistance with asset management, OneTouchPoint is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today and embark on a transformative marketing journey tailored to your brand’s unique needs.

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