Eliminate 4 Key Friction Points to Power Your Marketing Management

Learn how centralizing operations with OneTouchPoint will save time and money and improve your brand’s quality and consistency.

When it comes to successful marketing, CMOs know that developing a strategy, creating content and designing collateral are just the start. The logistics and processes required to implement the strategies and convert those designs into successful print marketing campaigns are significant investments in time, money and management.

From printing and warehousing to distribution and analytics, the marketing supply chain is complex, and if companies aren’t careful, the juggling involved can monopolize time and resources that would be better used elsewhere.

Companies like these, with sophisticated marketing supply chain requirements, need a way to streamline marketing operations with one centralized point of contact managing each step of the process. That’s where OneTouchPoint comes in, with technologies, tools and resources to help marketers and supply chain managers create and deliver consistently great customer engagement experiences at scale, and without busting the budget.

Let’s take a look at four key friction points in marketing fulfillment that OneTouchPoint helps eliminate.

Asset Management

Customers expect — demand — consistency in their interactions with every brand, across all channels and from any source. But when franchisees, distributors, vendors, and local dealers are all working independently to promote your brand, it can be difficult to ensure everyone is working with the same high-quality assets to tell your brand’s story accurately and consistently.

But with OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect platform, brands can centralize those marketing assets, making key collateral available to every player, ensuring story and quality consistency while empowering individual reps to customize details for their own audiences and then print and distribute what they need, with no handholding from the national marketing team and no risk of brand distortion.


Production of print marketing materials comes with its own set of challenges, from equipment maintenance and ongoing investment in printing materials — not to mention the space to house it all — to quantity management and format limitations. In-house printing is costly and complex, but there’s no need for your team to be the ones battling paper jams.

OneTouchPoint’s full-scale, commercial printing capabilities empower clients to produce stunning brand kits at the most cost-effective rates. Whether we’re managing your organization’s printing needs onsite or in one of our own facilities across the country, we can drive your entire print program, from design control, format, color, paper and quantity to full-scale technology solutions.

With print-on-demand capabilities to help prevent overproduction, lithographic printing, variable printing and grand-format, full-color custom graphics, we make your brand look amazing in any format — without breaking the bank. We help keep budgets under control by leveraging a comprehensive mix of company-owned production assets and our broad supplier base to provide the best pricing and most quality product for our clients.

And we don’t stop at printing. We also offer full-service kitting and finishing services, giving you the complete package.


Inventory storage and management can be a huge friction point in the marketing supply chain. OneTouchPoint eliminates that friction point by managing seven nationwide warehouses to handle receiving, quality control, inventory tracking and order fulfillment. Additionally, the OneTouchPoint works with many clients to manage on-site warehousing, checking inventory and managing deliveries and shipments from their very own offices.


Our nationwide facilities also help alleviate the logistics headaches that come with shipping. We can produce and ship your materials in any of our facilities to minimize shipping costs and time. We send over 155 million pieces of mail per year, and our on-staff USPS experts and deep postal discounts help ensure that, whether you’re fulfilling local reps’ collateral orders via U.Connect or running a direct mail campaign, your marketing material gets where it needs to go quickly and at the most cost-effective rate possible.

Marketing supply chain management can be a mammoth undertaking and a significant source of expenses. But partnering with OneTouchPoint to streamline the supply chain and eliminate its paper jams will save your organization both time and budget. We typically see a 10 to 12 percent year-over-year spend reduction in both direct materials costs and productivity, including machine uptime, on-time delivery and high quality of service and product.

To learn how OneTouchPoint can help your organization streamline marketing supply chain management, we invite you to contact us today or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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