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Keeping Confidential Customer Information Secure with Direct Mail

Learn how OneTouchPoint keeps confidential customer information secure with every mailing.

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From something as simple as customers’ home addresses to more sensitive information about their health, their finances, or their billing data, most businesses include some level of confidential information in their direct mailings throughout the year. And it stands to reason that, while finding efficient ways to complete massive mailings is important, the top priority is doing so without putting that confidential information at risk.

Here at OneTouchPoint, we understand the need to cut time and costs without jeopardizing customer information. We work with a wide variety of healthcare businesses that send mailings that include sensitive personal health information. We’ve developed the highest privacy standards for these sensitive mailings, and we hold all of our sensitive mailings—for healthcare, finance, or any other industry—to the same exacting criteria.

OneTouchPoint Policies for Handling Confidential Customer Information

Here’s a look at the data and information security steps we take in our facilities to keep your confidential customer information secure.

Data Management

All data for our variable print orders is encrypted and transmitted electronically via secure FTP, VPN, or other secure data transfer methods. Client data is never disclosed for any reason while it is in our possession, and unless it must be saved for compliance purposes, all data is deleted when the production cycle and billing are complete.


Not just anybody can work with our clients’ sensitive data. Only personnel who have been properly vetted to work on a specific program have access to client data, and anyone with access to confidential customer information must comply with our privacy policy and complete our training on privacy policies and procedures.


We perform careful quality checks on every mailing, comparing record number validations to the print log to ensure all items are correctly printed, fulfilled and mailed. And once we’re finished, we dispose of any confidential waste material in privacy bins whose contents are shredded by our recycling vendor.

From the moment you send that confidential information our way to the moment the mailers go out the door, we take privacy very seriously here at OneTouchPoint. After all, our success hinges on our clients’ success, and all the time and costs saved would amount to nothing if mishandled information breached your customers’ trust and jeopardized your business’ compliance.

Data Security in Action

At OneTouchPoint, our solutions enable companies to lower costs, provide timely service to customers and electronically manage and track documents — all while maintaining the utmost information security.

One health insurance company we work with trusts us to create custom books with variable information inside for each customer. We receive information securely through daily, automatic file feeds, create daily print runs and mailings and update a custom interface so the OneTouchPoint team and our client can track mailed books.

Another health insurance client works with us to send out quarterly mailers with individualized plan details and reports. We receive raw data via a secure FTP and print full-color, personalized letters that we merge with static pieces, insert into mailing envelopes and send to a co-mingling house for postal savings. Each quarter, we print and send 40,000 to 80,000 customized pieces — including confidential insurance information — for this client.

These are just two examples of the many companies that trust OneTouchPoint with their clients’ sensitive information — and of the many formats we can produce and mail for those clients. From personalized new member packets and ID cards to industry forms, training booklets, periodic reports and more, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get their customers the information they need, when they need it, securely and at lower costs.

OneTouchPoint prides itself on delivering secure, high quality, perfectly personalized print marketing campaigns. So when your business is ready to enhance its confidential direct mail strategies, we invite you to contact us to learn more, or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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