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Level Up Your OneTouchPoint Experience with Multichannel Marketing Services

Learn how OneTouchPoint, as a single-source vendor, can power every arm of a successful multichannel marketing campaign.

At OneTouchPoint, we pride ourselves on being more than just a vendor—we aim to be a true distributed marketing partner, and as part of that, we want to be sure each of our clients is getting the maximum value out of their experience working with us.

To that end, our Level Up blog series spotlights six ways to level up your OneTouchPoint partnership, getting maximum support and ROI for every piece of the marketing puzzle. In this post, we’re focused on enhancing every facet of your marketing strategy with our multichannel marketing services.

While a company could (and many do) use different vendors to support different facets of their marketing efforts, managing all those different contracts, contacts, and payment schedules, usually means spending as much time and money as you would have spent to keep all those marketing initiatives in-house.

The better choice—for your business’s bottom line and your team’s morale—is to find a single provider who can support every element of your multichannel marketing strategy. Tackling all these initiatives alongside a single partner makes it much easier to create and execute cohesive omnichannel marketing campaigns at the local and national level. That’s where OneTouchPoint excels.

Let’s take a look at how we support clients in mail, online, and in-person marketing initiatives, empowering them to meet—and delight—customers on every channel.

Direct Mail Marketing

Far from outdated, traditional direct mail marketing strategies are powerful drivers of marketing ROI, as research has shown over and over:

  • Brand recall is 70% higher for direct mail
    than digital ads, according to Canada Post.
  • Adweek reports that 54% of consumers want to receive mail about brands and promotions that interest them.
  • 56% of direct mail recipients read postcards
    they receive, according to Statistical Fact Book.

Mail becomes even more powerful when combined with online strategies. So much so that one of our clients recently saw an increase over 500 percent in return of spend when combining their direct mail and Facebook campaigns. (Another reason to find a vendor, like OTP, that can work with you on the big picture—not just one or two elements.)

With over 100 million pieces of mail passing through our facilities each year, OneTouchPoint is proud to help clients navigate complex shipping and postal regulations and requirements with mailing services that really run the gamut:

  • Direct Mail Automation Programs: For customer communications that go out at a regular cadence—annual notices, monthly updates, etc.—we use a secure (HITRUST certified), automated process to streamline everything from file receipt to delivery, ensuring every customer gets the right message at the right time. Even more, we accommodate end-user preferences of receiving communication via hardcopy, digital PDF, or fax.
  • Every Door Direct Mail®: This low-cost channel empowers brands to reach new and existing customers based on geography (no mailing list needed), reinforcing brand awareness while providing relevant information and offers. And OneTouchPoint’s turnkey workflow makes it easy.
  • Personalized Direct Mail: Direct mail allows brands to target audiences with content that resonates as part of an integrated, multichannel marketing approach to increase conversions by up to 28 percent. And we help clients optimize those efforts with integrated list purchases, personalization, 100% match mailing, and integration with online channels that enable measurement and accountability.

Online Marketing

With customers in every industry spending so much time online—either actively researching brands or simply noticing what crosses the screen as they scroll their newsfeeds—online marketing activities like landing pages and microsites, email outreach, social media, paid search, advertising, and retargeting are key to catching customers’ attention wherever they are, whenever they’re there.

OneTouchPoint’s digital marketing tactics help our clients make use of proven, data-driven, prescriptive strategies that attract the kind of highly targeted traffic that drives results. Here are a few highlights:

  • Social Media Content & Advertising: With more than 3 billion people around the world using social media every month, it’s a powerful channel to connect with consumers, drive sales, increase awareness, and boost traffic. Our multi-location marketing experts will optimize your social campaign strategies—we’ll build, manage, and post—then analyze their success and adjust as needed.
  • Landing Pages & Microsites: With 97 percent of consumers going online to find and research local businesses (according to PR Newswire), microsites and landing pages are the best way to make it easy for potential customers to find you. OTP experts understand the critical nature of localizing landing pages and microsites.
  • Email Marketing: Our platform enables marketers to create and share brand-standardized templates every team can use to communicate with customers at any time, keeping the branding and messaging consistent and providing opportunities to tailor the details to each audience.
  • Paid Search: The front page of Google is marketing gold, and OneTouchPoint’s paid search capabilities help clients increase their visibility in search engine results to bring in new customers.
  • Display Ads & Retargeting: We help clients promote their business with smart advertising strategies that leverage audience profiles and geographic targeting—and optimize those advertising efforts with retargeting strategies that focus expenses on consumers that have indicated an affinity for the brand.

In-Person Marketing

Finally, since we know marketing doesn’t stop when a potential customer comes through the door, OneTouchPoint supports a variety of in-person marketing strategies to dazzle shoppers with an experience they can’t get through online shopping.

Whether you want to make your brand stand out in a grocery store that’s stocked with shelf after shelf of competition, you want to optimize your brick-and-mortar locations, or you want to throw a grand opening celebration (or holiday party or anniversary shindig) remember, OneTouchPoint has your print marketing needs covered, from order management to materials sourcing to production to fulfillment.

  • Displays: From shelf-talkers to 3D corrugated product displays to grand format options like floor stickers and window clings, we help clients show off their products in the very best light.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Signage: One of the most lucrative opportunities to boost revenue is right at the cash register, where point-of-sale marketing offers endless opportunities to encourage shoppers to add to their purchases and grow relationships with brands. OTP is equipped to help our clients implement point-of-sale best practices to engage customers every second they’re in the store.
  • Swag: Promotional products are a great way to expand brand awareness, and OTP is happy to source and produce the swag that will most excite your customers, whether you’re handing it out at an event or providing your affiliates with a cache of branded gifts and giveaways.

With our cohesive marketing services, your team can create, execute, and monitor localized multichannel marketing campaigns that excel at every level. We pride ourselves on empowering sales teams, internal users, and dealer networks to market locally leveraging traditional, social, and digital channels—keeping your business on message and on brand.

If you’re ready to make the shift to a single-source vendor that can power every arm of your marketing organization, we invite you to learn more about our platform and services, and to contact us to talk in detail about how OneTouchPoint can support your business.

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