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Overcoming 4 Marketing Management Challenges in Manufacturing

Marketing Management Challenges for Manufacturing

Marketing leaders in the manufacturing industry are balancing growing price sensitivity and reduced budgets with mounting pressure to provide personalized, consistent, omnichannel communication to a wide range of consumers. To keep all the plates spinning, savvy organizations are looking for ways to streamline marketing management challenges from optimizing operations to minimizing costs without sacrificing quality or output.

It’s not easy, but with the right strategies — and support — in place, manufacturing marketers can overcome their biggest obstacles and up level their global, national, and local campaigns.

Here are four of the most common marketing management challenges OneTouchPoint helps our manufacturing clients overcome:

Increase Your Dealer Network (Local) Marketing Support

While the corporate team may own the marketing collateral, they’re not the only ones working with it. And as local dealers, sales representatives, and vendors scattered across the country create, customize, and distribute their own marketing and communication campaigns, it can start to feel like there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Corporate is constantly having to resend dealers the latest assets, approve newly designed collateral, and help with cleanup when messaging or branding is compromised or print orders are lost — all while trying to ensure everyone is sticking to a budget. It’s an impossible task.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to work this way.

At OneTouchPoint, we provide our manufacturing clients with an online, centralized repository for the latest collateral — all approved by corporate (and legal, as necessary) and leveraging modular content to make it easy to for dealers customize as needed  without reinventing the wheel or compromising the corporate team’s hard work.

Even better, dealers can order printed assets from right there within our platform, ensuring consistency in both quality and cost, and leadership can keep budgets in check with real-time tracking and chargebacks. In short, when approved dealers and dealer networks have 24/7/365 access to the collateral they need, it empowers them to become marketing leaders in their own right — and corporate marketers get their time and resources back.

Streamline Your Vendors with a Full Service BPO

In theory, outsourcing is a great way to lighten the internal marketing team’s load. But when it’s not done just right it can cause more headaches than it solves. When manufacturing marketing and procurement leads outsource marketing supply chain tasks, they often have to piece together a network of disparate vendors in order to get everything done. Unfortunately, this meant the time they were hoping to save is now spent juggling contracts, policies, procedures and timelines for all those vendors. So now you’ve added the costs associated with all these vendors to your budget and you still haven’t made up the opportunity costs of all that lost time.

The key to outsourcing is to find a single vendor who can manage every piece of the marketing supply chain puzzle. At OneTouchPoint, we pride ourselves on being this vendor — this singular touchpoint — for our manufacturing clients. We offer the process optimization and domain expertise marketing leaders are looking for and we enable them to free up both time and money by working with just one vendor instead of managing an entire ecosystem. 

Reducing Overhead with Onsite Management

Marketing leaders don’t always limit their support needs to services and supplies. Sometimes, the overhead and management requirements involved in on-site operations like printing, shipping, and warehousing are eating up too many resources.

The OneTouchPoint team knows these burdens well, and we relieve them for our manufacturing clients by literally joining the team. We take on inventory, paper brokerage, and print and mailroom management, reducing our clients’ overhead and human resources costs, and making it even easier to execute on key marketing and communication strategies.

Minimize Waste

Materials waste isn’t a good look in a market that places high value on sustainability — nor is it good for the marketing team’s budget. In fact, overprinting is one of the biggest sources of inflated spending in marketing execution, thanks not only to the large printing bills but also to the higher warehousing costs and the wasted materials.

Again, however, the right partner can help minimize that waste and shore up the budget. OneTouchPoint’s print-on-demand, real-time inventory tracking, and warehouse management services help our clients minimize stock obsolescence, keep track of exactly what’s in their warehouses, and still ensure they have all the collateral they need the minute they need it.

(Learn more about minimizing waste in your marketing supply chain.)

Partner with OneTouchPoint to Optimize Marketing Management at Every Turn

When your manufacturing organization is ready to free up much-needed capacity and resources to minimize costs and maximize impact, OneTouchPoint is ready to be your one-stop shop for supply chain management support.

Learn more about how we help our manufacturing clients achieve their loftiest marketing goals, and when you’re ready, request a demo. Our experts will be happy to walk you through our platform and services.

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