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7 Reasons Why Your Brand Should be Leveraging Digital Marketing

Seven reasons why your brand can benefit from digital advertising.

With a majority of today’s workforce moving from offices to remote roles and everyone being glue to the internet, digital communications have never been more prevalent.

Regardless of team size or budget, the primary focus for all marketing teams continues to be landing and closing new leads and driving revenue. When it comes to creating, nurturing, and converting leads, few channels provide the return on investment of digital. In fact, with digital marketing, companies have the ability to be even more thoughtful, flexible, and strategic in their marketing efforts.

Here are seven reasons why your brand would benefit from digital advertising:

  1. It’s affordable – In this environment, every dollar counts. A digital marketing budget is entirely dictated by your needs, and you have complete control over how much you spend, and when the ads run. Tap into one of the most cost-effective forms of lead generation, reaching prospects at a CPM of just $3 with social media and capturing leads at a CPA of only $56 with paid search.
  2. It’s targeted – Digital advertising allows you to target and hone in on the customers you want based on specific demographics, behavior, interest or geographies.
  3. It’s personal – Serve up personalized ads and dynamic website content to create an individualized experience for your customers.
  4. It’s relevant – Find your next customer with responsive ads on desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile devices, or with voice-activated smart speakers, which now occupy one out of four U.S. households.
  5. It’s sticky – Search ads are one thing, but with remarketing, you can reinforce the strength of your brand with ads only visible to people who have visited your site or have interacted with your content.
  6. It’s measurable – With digital marketing, you can track performance in real time. Keep an eye on impressions, open rates, click through rates, conversations rates, cost-per-lead (CPC), cost-per-action (CPA) and adjust creative, copy and more within moments.
  7. It works – Nurture leads with retargeting, email, and more, closing 50% more sales at a third of the price of traditional methods using digital platforms to automate activities.

What are you doing to stand out in these uncertain times? As we all are pivoting and thinking differently about our businesses, jobs and everyday life, we are thrilled to now offer a suite of new digital marketing services that provide online support.

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