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Streamline Fulfillment, Asset and Collateral Management to Cut Costs

Learn how brands without physical locations can leverage OneTouchPoint to create powerful digital and print marketing campaigns

Consumer expectations are growing more exacting in every industry, and manufacturing is no exception. Customers today require personalized, consistent, omnichannel communication. They expect brands to meet them wherever they are, whenever they’re ready.

As a result, marketers are tasked with creating content that appeals to various audiences, communicates complicated product information and supports every step of the sales cycle. But at the same time, marketing and procurement teams are facing growing price sensitivity, reduced budgets and increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI.

In the face of these rising pressures, the manufacturing companies that are still managing sprawling in-house printing and distribution facilities are spending more time and resources than necessary on marketing logistics. These organizations need a way to take control of their brands and streamline marketing management from production to distribution.

OneTouchPoint empowers manufacturers’ marketing teams to aggregate, integrate and manage every link in the marketing supply chain with a single partner. We make it possible to create, manage, print, warehouse, fulfill and ship technical manuals, direct mail pieces, product samples, marketing promotions, custom kits and more from a single vendor, streamlining marketing management and significantly cutting costs

Let us show you how.

Vendor Consolidation

When your organization is juggling separate vendors (and their unique contracts and service-level agreements) for every component of the supply chain, all while managing an in-house print shop and mail room with its own equipment, IT, resource and supply requirements, there’s no two ways about it: things are going to get messy. The sprawling costs, along with the time and energy staff has to dedicate to managing it all, will quickly prove more trouble and more expense than their worth.
OneTouchPoint provides manufacturing clients a single-source solution for all their local and national marketing execution needs, from asset production to warehousing materials to kitting to distribution. We offer all things print, asset management, ordering and fulfillment, mailing, financial control and in-depth analytics — and all with a single point of contact. We’re not just another vendor our clients have to manage; we pride ourselves on being the single supply chain partner, working with clients to create impactful print marketing and product materials for every audience.

Centralized Marketing Materials

It’s not just the team at headquarters that’s working with your company’s marketing assets. Local dealers, sales representatives, and vendors across the country need access to up-to-date, on-brand assets they can customize and produce for their own audiences.
If those materials are hidden away or decentralized, two things happen: first, everyone involved has to spend time they don’t have searching for the latest versions of key collateral. And second, local marketers may start creating their own collateral from scratch, again wasting time, but more importantly, compromising brand integrity and consistency.
OneTouchPoint enables organizations to centralize corporate-approved, branded assets, programs and promotions, which means dealers and dealer networks have 24/7/365 access to the collateral they need, without risking brand consistency.

Inventory Management

Mismanaged inventory is a significant driver of costs among manufacturers who are handling marketing execution on their own — from overprinting that leads to stock obsolescence and inflated warehousing needs to the costly mistake of running out of inventory when you need it.

OneTouchPoint minimizes those costs and headaches, empowering clients to manage and track inventory in real time, with inventory alerts that notify you when inventory levels are low. Additionally, we help clients avoid overages through print on-demand services that minimize waste and save money on warehousing and print costs.

Simplified Operations

Imagine: you’ve already whittled your vendors down to a single, trusted provider, you’ve centralized assets and empowered every rep to work with that provider to produce their own product and marketing materials and you’ve streamlined inventory management to reduce wasted materials, time and expense.

Still, clients can take it a step further with OneTouchPoint by bringing our team in-house. From onsite equipment management, to print, vendor-managed inventory programs and fulfillment management, we are here to support day-to-day execution, leaving you free to focus on your mission.

Significant Cost Savings

Through all these streamlining efforts, our clients are saving themselves significant time and headaches, but they’re also reducing costs. Minimizing vendor contracts, reducing print waste and scaling back warehousing needs all lead to shrinking expenses. And contracting with us to take over onsite marketing supply chain management responsibilities saves significant time and money on hiring, onboarding and employee-related overhead.

When your manufacturing organization is ready to get out from under piecemeal solutions from disparate vendors, OneTouchPoint can become your single contact point to spearhead print marketing execution activities. When organizational leaders and their teams need to refocus responsibilities, conserve resources, and streamline marketing management tasks that eat up time and money, OneTouchPoint is the ideal partner.

But don’t take our word for it! Read our case study to learn how one manufacturing company shored up management of its in-house document printing and distribution facilities by outsourcing to OneTouchPoint. Then, when you’re ready, contact us to learn more, or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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Enhance Your Marketing Game Without Stretching Your Budget

The demands on marketers are higher than ever, especially to reduce costs and increase ROI. Learn how outsourcing print marketing execution can help.
The marketing world is changing rapidly, with marketing teams required to capture and keep potential buyers’ attention in an ever-more-crowded landscape. As a result, companies in every industry are looking for ways to step up their efforts and drive more results — without significantly increasing their spend. But nowhere is this more prevalent than in the manufacturing world, where furloughs and budget cuts are putting marketers under pressure to keep costs down and drive significant ROI from their marketing initiatives.

One of the most impactful ways manufacturers have found to raise the bar while lowering costs has been by contracting out their print marketing production and distribution efforts. When a company finds the right partner for the job, the impact can be enormous.

3 Ways Outsourcing Print Marketing Execution Keeps Budgets Under Control

In short, outsourcing print marketing execution empowers manufacturing companies to enhance brand consistency, launch campaigns more efficiently and reach more audiences — all while reducing marketing spend. What does that look like?

One-Stop Shopping

Most manufacturing marketing and procurement leads are juggling contracts, policies, procedures and timelines for multiple vendors in their marketing supply chain. The costs involved with all these vendors add up quickly, and that’s not even taking into account the opportunity cost of all the time your team spends managing logistics rather than focusing on the big picture.

But contracting out marketing supply chain needs to one partner provides a single point of contact for every puzzle piece the marketing lead was once managing alone. So not only are you streamlining processes and leveraging domain expertise through your single vendor’s services; you’re also saving time and controlling costs by working directly with just one vendor instead many.

These same manufacturing marketing and procurement leads who are managing the supply chain on their own are also spending time and money sourcing materials, maintaining equipment and managing logistics. But here again, that outsourced marketing execution partner can take a big load off by taking the reins on all on- and off-site printing and shipping — and all the equipment and personnel that go along with them.

With the right partner, these strategies can help companies save 20 to 30 percent on communication costs — not to mention the value of giving marketing leads back their time and energy for the strategic work that really moves the needle.

Augmented Teams

When you contract out marketing execution, the support you receive shouldn’t be limited to services and supplies — your partner should be able to provide an outside team to come in and manage printing, fulfillment and distribution on your behalf.

From vendor-managed inventory to paper brokerage to print and mailroom management, outsourcing the team that makes it all happen will reduce overhead and human resources costs, further minimizing the back-office gymnastics required to execute on key print marketing campaigns and freeing up employees to focus on the high-level strategies and processes at the core of their jobs.

We’re different. We help maximize production efficiencies and marketing effectiveness – helping procurement and marketing teams – all with a single vendor. Download our new infographics for marketing teams and procurement teams, on how OneTouchPoint can help meet your goals.

Minimized Waste

One of the biggest opportunities for overspend in marketing execution is in overprinting, resulting in increased printing bills, wasted materials and higher warehousing costs.

But a savvy marketing execution partner can help minimize that waste — and the costs associated with it — through print-on-demand services, flexible run rates and real-time inventory management.

When you can print exactly what you need, right when you need it, and when you have a clear, up-to-date understanding of what’s in your warehouse, you can eliminate printing overages and stock obsolescence while saving costs on bulk printing and warehousing. And, equally important, you can ensure you’re never out of collateral when you need it.

To learn more about whether OneTouchPoint is the right single-source marketing solution for your organization, we invite you to contact us today or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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Casey Rush

Make Your Distributors Your Lead Marketers

Reach local audiences more effectively by making your distributors, vendors and local sales reps your lead marketers.
When consumers are deciding which brands to buy from in a brick-and-mortar context, we know one of the key factors is simply proximity. And that’s especially true when it comes to manufactured goods, as buyers are likely to make purchasing decisions based on what’s available in their local hardware or home goods stores.

That means that, for manufacturing companies whose products are distributed in stores across the country, a strong local marketing game is critical to commercial success. But on the flip side, research has shown that
one of the biggest manufacturing marketing struggles is creating and distributing content that truly meets the audience’s needs. While the national marketing team drives the overall brand messaging, quality and consistency, it’s up to local vendors, dealers, distributors and sales representatives to execute marketing campaigns that engage local audiences, turning potential buyers into lifetime, loyal customers.
But when these “marketers” are spread across the country, how can the national team ensure consistency, manage spend and oversee local campaigns without micromanaging local reps?

The answer: a single-source solution that streamlines print marketing efforts and empowers local marketing teams to create, execute and analyze effective campaigns for their own audiences — with minimal oversight from corporate.

At OneTouchPoint, we give companies the tools, services and support they need to turn every local distributor into a lead marketer.

Centralized, Customizable Assets at Local Distributors’ Fingertips

Once the corporate marketing team has created a variety of sleek, eye-catching assets that are sure to catch potential buyers’ eyes, where do those assets go? When collateral is locked away on the computers at headquarters, it becomes the corporate team’s responsibility to send local reps the most updated version of the assets they need, anytime they need them. This additional back and forth leads to delays and frustrations on both sides — not to mention the risk that local reps will forego the extra steps and use old collateral or create their own, diluting the brand the national team has worked so hard to cultivate.

With OneTouchPoint, companies have an online, centralized repository for the latest collateral — approved by corporate and customizable for every distributor’s particular audience. That means, when it’s time to spin up a new campaign, local marketers have the assets they need at their fingertips, and corporate can rest assured their painstaking brand strategy is safe.

Streamlined Printing and Shipping: Any Size, Any Quantity

Once collateral is customized and ready to print, local marketers working in a decentralized system have two options: send an order request to headquarters for the corporate team to submit on their behalf, or submit the order themselves to a printer of their own choosing.

Like requests for decentralized collateral, the former option simply adds another ball to the corporate team’s juggling act, while the latter adds additional risk that the print quality, accuracy or efficiency won’t be up to brand standards.

But what if local marketers had direct access to a corporate-approved printer? With OneTouchPoint, they do. Distributors, vendors or anyone else in charge of placing print orders can order the collateral they need, in any size — from flyers and brochures to floor sticks, banners and other grand format signage — and any quantity. We’ll print the materials at one of our seven facilities across the country and ship them directly where they need to go, ensuring consistent quality and world-class accuracy and efficiency.

Sophisticated Budget and Inventory Insights

How does the minimized corporate oversight impact visibility into local marketing spend, inventory and ROI? OneTouchPoint’s reporting actually improves the national team’s insights into what’s happening, what’s working and what’s not, with access to real-time production status and inventory levels, expense tracking at every account level and integrations with other third-party platforms that enable teams to see all their critical data in one place.

Budget allocation and management are simpler than ever, with both distributors and HQ able to see how much of the allocated budget each local marketer has spent and a streamlined chargeback system making it easy for HQ to ensure the local teams — and not the corporate office — are responsible for any overages.

Likewise, HQ has access to details on which campaigns and which collateral are most effective, empowering corporate marketers to make educated decisions about where to invest their limited time and resources.

When a brand is still small, it may be simple enough for corporate to hold every local rep’s hand on every marketing initiative. But as the company grows, that kind of one-on-one oversight becomes impossible. So, the more empowered those local marketing teams are to independently create and execute top-notch marketing strategies, the better. These locally driven campaigns — managed in conjunction with a centralized provider like OneTouchPoint — will more effectively attract and retain local customers and protect the brand’s integrity, without any micromanaging from corporate.
Download our tip sheet to learn more about how national manufacturing brands can empower local marketers. Then, when you’re ready, contact us to learn more, or request a quote on your next project.

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