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Localize the Customer Brand Experience

Franchise and retail marketers must ensure brand parity while creating a brand experience that is localized for every store. We help leading franchises and retailers balance their design spend with the level of projected revenue per location.

National Marketing Strategy

  • Control Brand Integrity | Drive brand consistency and enable local store marketing across all of your franchise and retail locations.

  • Save Time and Resources | Grant access to an approved brand library, reducing staff time spent managing marketing requests across your locations.

  • Power Local Store Marketing | Promote specific locations, appeal to local customers, and capitalize on corporate brand recognition.

  • Simplify Your Operations | We oversee the planning, production, and logistics of some of the very best local, national, and global franchise marketing efforts.

  • Unlock Your data | Enable marketing teams to analyze business operations, branded material inventory, the effectiveness of tactics by location or region, and more.

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Full Stack Solution

  • Marketing Execution
  • Print Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Brand Management

Seamless Coordination of Marketing and Product Communications

Manage print and digital communications on a global scale. Launch campaigns from headquarters or enable the field to localize, customize, and order pre-approved library assets—speeding time-to-market while ensuring brand quality and consistency, giving full transparency and insight into activities, costs, and performance with enhanced reporting and analytics.

Products & Services
  • Marketing Resource & Brand Hub
  • Order Management
  • All Things Print
  • Direct Mail
  • Promotional Items
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Shipping/Tracking Reports

Flawless Production of Branded Product and Marketing Materials

As a single-source partner for all things print, OneTouchPoint ensures each and every touchpoint your customers have with your brand meets quality standards. Our full-scale, commercial printing and web storefront capabilities and our national partner network offer a turnkey solution to produce stunningly-branded materials at the most cost-effective rate. Including marketing collateral, grand format items, and digital print-on-demand—OneTouchPoint delivers flawlessly produced customer engagement materials.

Products & Services
  • All Things Print
  • Digital Print-On-Demand
  • Direct Mail
  • Wide & Grand Format
  • Packaging

Efficient Management of the Marketing Supply Chain

OneTouchPoint provides end-to-end support for the marketing supply chain throughout the customer lifecycle. Whether you’re announcing a new product, launching a local sales promotion, or kitting and shipping products and collateral—OneTouchPoint has the capabilities and capacity to serve as your single source partner, offering inventory management, print production, and fulfillment services. Experience efficient management of the marketing supply chain while reducing costs and cycle times with OneTouchPoint.

Products & Services
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Print & Mail Room Management
  • Print & Paper Brokerage
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Warehousing Logistics
  • Fulfillment
  • Promotional Products

Scalable Managed Service Delivery Fueled by Technology

OneTouchPoint’s U.Connect platform helps companies take control of their brand, budgets, and future, serving as a central command center for flawless marketing execution and supply chain management. U.Connect enables end-to-end management of local, national, and global marketing campaigns and programs from creation to distribution—offering digital asset management, governed localization and customization, Web2Print on-demand ordering and fulfillment, budgetary and financial controls, and in depth analytics.

Products & Services
  • Comprehensive branded material management
  • Centralized control of local campaigns
  • Simplified multichannel execution
  • Personalized and localized brand materials

Problems we solve

Inconsistent branding across franchise and retail locations

Communicate marketing plans, programs and promotions and ensure brand consistency across all franchise locations.

Whether it’s outdoor signage, POP signage, new-store or annual promotional kits, we can produce, deliver and invoice the right materials to the right locations.

What’s more, you can also provide easy access to your organization’s approved marketing assets and more via our U.Connect platform that serves as your centralized brand hub with access from anywhere, anytime.

Numerous marketing & sales support requests

Free your team’s time by providing store managers or franchise owners with access to a pre-approved asset library. Approved users can customize, personalize or localize specific content, then download, purchase, have the piece printed on demand – completely bypassing corporate marketing, while ensuring your assets are on brand. Orders are fulfilled from our warehouse and shipped directly to the correct location. And with a 99.92% accuracy rate, you can be assured that their orders will get there—correctly and on time.

Decentralized marketing materials

Marketing materials that are locked away on users' laptops and company folders make it difficult for franchisees to find the most up-to-date, on brand assets.

U.Connect is your brand command center. A one-stop-shop to store all of your assets for easy access to:

  • Create and approve marketing templates that allow for customization, while ensuring each franchise location stays on brand and doesn’t go “rogue.”
  • Order-on-demand, download, or select from pre-printed customer giveaways, promotional items, and more.
  • Provide access to approved digital marketing campaigns.
  • Store, fulfill and ship your assets direct to each location.
  • Business intelligence & reporting enables you to analyze your end-to-end marketing supply chain.
Manual charge-backs and expenses tracking

Through our U.Connect platform, you can set budgets at any level including individual, department, or by franchise location. You have the ability to create automated workflows that standardize your order approval process allowing for easier management of chargebacks.

U.Connect makes it simple to keep track of yearly allowances, also known as budget dollars or MDF funds, and gain complete control of your marketing spend.

Inaccurate inventory

Manage and track inventory in real-time. With U.Connect's inventory alerts, you are notified when inventory levels are low.

Our on-demand printing will reduce inventory overages and stock obsolescence, while saving you money on warehousing and print costs.

Complicated local or regional marketing rollouts

Leverage our national reach, and decades of experience in bringing proven brand management solutions.

Our commercial print power and national presence allows you to lower your printing and shipping costs while delivering flawless brand engagements with your end consumer—whether in the store or on their doorstep.

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