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More Patients, Fewer Risks.

Manage your brand across departments, clinic locations and hospital affiliates, create and execute prescriptive marketing campaigns and enable offline and online marketing efforts at the local level - all while ensuring your messaging and assets are compliant in this highly regulated industry.

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Promote Your Practice

Bridge online and offline marketing strategies to help new patients discover your practice and choose the high-quality care that best fits their needs. From digital marketing, direct mail, print and more, execute and track prescriptive, localized campaigns that see results and keep patients and their families informed.

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Designed Around Compliance

Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and execute HIPAA compliant patient communications with OneTouchPoint. We adhere to the strictest HIPAA standards and ensure that the handling of protected health information (PHI) is secure. OneTouchPoint will sign a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with our customers to become joint custodians of protected health information (PHI). In addition, we also hold the HITRUST CSF Certification.

We meet the highest quality management standards and are ready to help produce your most critical and sensitive products and materials.

Supporting Healthcare

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