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An Inside Look: OTP’s Prepress Experts

OneTouchPoint's prepress experts help ensure each print job is flawlessly executed and meets quality standards of each client.

At OneTouchPoint, we understand traditional marketing is a vital component of an omnichannel marketing mix. From design control, format, color, paper, and quantity, to full-scale technology solutions – selecting a print partner that not only meets but exceeds your marketing collateral needs contributes to the success of your project.

Across our locations, we have 20 prepress experts skilled at ensuring your print projects live up to your standards. From understanding file formats, providing proofs, utilizing advanced and complex techniques to maintaining equipment, our prepress teams brings decades of experience to OTP, delivering high-quality results.

We asked a few of our experts to share some insights on our prepress services, what they enjoy most about working at OTP, and more.

Meet a few of our prepress experts:

Meet Erika G.

Title: Prepress Tech/Project Manager

OTP Location: Denver, CO

Number of years with OTP: 6

Favorite thing about working at OTP: Ice cream truck! I love the creative ways the OTP managers show their appreciation for the staff.

What is your favorite type of project to work on? Variable data jobs for the casinos. They have such detailed data and know their customers so well. It’s interesting to create highly personalized offers, with nested variables and complex rules. They’re projects you can really sink your teeth into.

Fun fact: I once camped out overnight in Antarctica.

Meet Paul K.

Title: Prepress/Media Technician

OTP Location: Hartland, WI

Number of years at OTP: I have been at OTP for 21+ years. With a combined five person staff of over 67 years at OTP and well over 100 years of combined experience.

Favorite thing about working at OTP: The fast pace and wide variety of jobs keeps me coming back.

What is your favorite type of project to work on? Any new style of book or pamphlet. Just when you think you have seen it all.. someone throws a new curve ball and I want to hit it out of the park.

Fun fact: I have caught more large fish than anyone you know. With catches from northern Canada to southern Guatemala. Including over a hundred musky (fish of 1,000 casts), giant northern pike, chinook, rainbow and brown trout, walleye, huge catfish, marlin (blue and striped), sailfish, mahi-mahi, barracuda… just to name a few.

My license plate is XL FISH.

Meet Brandon W.

Title: Grand Format Prepress

OTP Location: Austin, TX

Number of years with OTP: 3 Yrs, 9 Mos

Favorite thing about working at OTP: There are many things that I like about working here, but my favorite thing about working here is that every job is a different challenge. I work on a wide range of different projects form car wraps, banners, and even movie posters.

What is your favorite type of project to work on? Car wraps are definitely my favorite jobs to work on. Each car wrap has different design problems and set up challenges. Most installer have different set up needs for their style of installing. After a project is finished, I will see a bus or trailer I have worked on driving around Austin. This gives me pride knowing everyone gets to see the finish product I was a part of delivering.

Fun fact: In my spare time I enjoy restoring and repairing vintage speakers and receivers. Most of which are from the late 70’S and early 80’s.

Meet Cindy V.

Title: Prepress and Digital Print Technician

OTP Location: Tempe, AZ

Number of years with OTP: 3

What is your favorite type of project to work on? I enjoy working on jobs that allow me to use my creativity in ad design or strategizing on a mailing project for optimal results from production to fulfillment.

Fun fact: I’m a native of Chandler, Arizona and still socializing with friends I went to school with all the way back to kindergarten, including a co-worker here at OTP.

The sky is the limit when it comes to print at OneTouchPoint. Learn more about our comprehensive suite of print services, or contact us today to discuss how we can partner on your next project.

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