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Enhance Your Regional Marketing Strategy with Local Landing Pages

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For national or global businesses with local presences across different territories, local marketing is critical for attracting the ideal audience in every region. And while local marketing campaigns should be omnichannel efforts, one foundational piece of the puzzle is the branded local landing page.

Consider it the online welcome mat for your brand’s operations in each region.

Why invest in a branded landing page for every location? Here are just a few reasons:

  • 78 percent of consumers look online for information about local businesses at least once a week. Directing them to a tailored “home base” is the first step in building that personal relationship.
  • Local landing pages, when tied to local Facebook and Google Business profiles, boost social media presence and nurture audience engagement on multiple channels.
  • Research from Omniture has found that using a local landing page to target campaign traffic increases conversion rates by 25 percent or more.

What Should a Local Landing Page Include?

Your local landing pages should include local contact information and details about specific local or regional offerings, at the very least. But the best local landing pages go further than that:

  • Regional branding: Feature local sports teams, universities, etc., if they’re relevant to your brand; or simply incorporate local imagery and regional language to build familiarity
  • Community: Connections to the community or local news and events
  • Social Proof: Testimonials from local customers
  • Action: CTAs specifically for customers in your area

Every local landing page also needs to comply with local regulations and industry standards. This includes privacy policies, data protection, and any other legal considerations specific to the region. (Some regulations will be countrywide, but others—like in the alcohol and beverage industry—will change from state to state or even county to county.)

These landing pages should also be optimized for SEO with region-specific keywords and more, to ensure they’re visible to local customers who are looking for the products or services you offer.

Finally, despite all the local touches, every local landing page needs to be a cohesive extension of the global brand, employing the color and design schemes, messaging and tone, and quality standards that make up your carefully curated corporate brand. This consistency is as critical as the localized elements, because it bolsters brand recognition and builds familiarity and trust with audiences across every territory.

Won’t All Those Local Landing Pages Be Prohibitively Expensive?

It depends on how you go about it. Yes, hiring a web developer to build individual landing pages from scratch for every region where your business operates would be a huge financial undertaking. Not to mention the opportunity costs of time to market these pages and the time the corporate marketing team is spending overseeing the effort instead of focusing on bigger picture strategies and initiatives.

But with the right brand management software, distributed marketers—from franchise owners to local brand reps—can create their own high-impact local landing pages with ease. From centralized brand assets to modular content, local reps can quickly update and publish local elements with ease to readymade landing page and feed it all into an approval workflow to check for quality and compliance before publication. After publication, detailed analytics can help both the local and national marketers review and optimize page performance.

All of these tools empower local marketers to efficiently create and manage localized landing pages while maintaining brand consistency and compliance, dramatically improving local marketing ROI without busting the budget—or spending the time—on web development for every territory.

Add Landing Pages to Your Local Marketing Strategy with U.Connect

At OneTouchPoint, we know the power of strong local marketing campaigns — and we also know the time, energy, and resources these campaigns can require. Our U.Connect platform is designed to streamline these efforts by empowering local marketers to develop and execute omnichannel, customized campaigns without ever having to reinvent the wheel. From branded local landing pages to social media, direct mail, and in-store marketing, we support every facet of local marketing, all in one platform.

If your team is looking to take local marketing to the next level with branded local landing pages and more, we encourage you to learn more about OneTouchPoint today. Then, when you’re ready to talk further, request a demo. One of our experts will be happy to walk you through our platform and services.

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