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OneTouchPoint Joins Forces with Bluewater to Strengthen End-to-End Marketing Services

OneTouchPoint’s acquisition of Bluewater adds digital branding to our suite of end-to-end marketing execution services.

At OneTouchPoint, we are dedicated to streamlining our clients’ marketing execution strategies and processes, allowing national marketing leaders to focus on big-picture branding while we take the logistics burden off their shoulders. For years, our expertise has been in providing a single-source partner for print marketing execution, from our U.Connect platform, which makes ordering, tracking, and inventory management a breeze, to our printing and production facilities, mailing capabilities and onsite services.

But we know that print marketing, while a critical piece of the brand equation, is just one part of a successful holistic strategy, with the other key arm being digital marketing efforts, especially in today’s new COVID-19 reality. That’s why we’re thrilled about our recent acquisition of Bluewater, a digital marketing services agency based in Bloomington, Minnesota, to expand our brand management offerings into the digital space.

“I’m thrilled to welcome the Bluewater team to the OneTouchPoint family. The combination of our technology, commercial print production and managed services background in more traditional ‘offline’ marketing tactics with Bluewater’s online/digital capabilities and expertise in the franchise and multi-unit/multi-location market makes a compelling and differentiated end-to-end solution for the distributed marketing needs of the markets we serve.

“We are focused on delivering the highest level of products and services that in turn allow our customers to deliver the most creative and impactful brand experiences possible. Strategic investments in technology and skills, like those of the Bluewater team, give us the opportunity to offer an unparalleled and streamlined approach for the traditional, digital, national and local needs of multi-unit organizations across multiple industries.”

– Dave Holland, CEO, OneTouchPoint

OneTouchPoint’s new local digital marketing services include a variety of offerings, from email marketing and social media to targeted display advertising, reputation management, microsites, promotional products and more. And, of course the data analytics capabilities that are so instrumental to any effective marketing campaign. And, like our print and mailing services, these new offerings will automate significant portions of our clients’ workflows, freeing marketing leadership to spend less time managing busywork and more time on the activities that drive real growth.

Like OneTouchPoint, Bluewater specializes in meeting the marketing needs of national brands with local direct marketing and communication needs. Like ours, their integrated approach aims to increase local sales, reinforce the national brand and provide measurable results. And there’s one more important thing we have in common: Bluewater shares our obsession with creating seamless marketing experiences that drive significant success for our customers. As such, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have two Bluewater executives joining the OneTouchPoint senior management team: founder and COO Christine Kropp and CEO, Derek Kropp will be leading our new digital marketing initiatives.

“We are passionate about delivering proven, prescriptive digital marketing services for franchises and multi-unit organizations, and we are thrilled to now be part of the OneTouchPoint team. Aligning ourselves with a leader of back-end technology-enabled marketing services like print, mail and fulfillment allows us to offer integrated end-to-end solutions across all marketing touchpoints.”

– Christine Kropp, Founder and COO, Bluewater

Bluewater’s proven proprietary technology, seasoned team and suite of digital capabilities are the perfect match for our existing our end-to-end offering. These features — in combination with OneTouchPoint’s existing technology, our print production and managed services, our background in more traditional “offline” marketing tactics and our expertise in the franchise and multi-unit/multi-location market — make a compelling and differentiated end-to-end solution for our customers’ distributed marketing needs, both online and off.

Companies have the ability to be even more thoughtful, flexible, and strategic in their marketing efforts with digital channels. We’re here to help strategize on your next steps, whether it be reopening your business or strategizing on how to get through these unusual times. Schedule time for a free complimentary demo our new local digital marketing suite in action.

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