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Take a Bird's-Eye View of Your Marketing Supply Chain with OneTouchPoint

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In recent weeks, we’ve taken a deep dive into every facet of OneTouchPoint’s print marketing execution services. We’ve looked at marketing management services, onsite and offsite print production in all its forms and our finishing, kitting and distribution capabilities. All designed to ensure our clients can follow through on their beautiful branding and powerful marketing strategies with perfectly executed print campaigns that reach every customer — and potential customer — where they are.

Today, let’s wrap up our series by tying it all together with one final, critical component: analytics.

A key reason for partnering with a single-source print marketing supply chain vendor like OneTouchPoint is to relieve brand leaders from the day-to-day logistics and save their time, resources and energy for high-level strategies, activities and decisions that drive significant growth. But still, even when the pressure to juggle details or micromanage brand representatives is off, those leaders need to be able to see exactly what’s going on within their organizations’ marketing supply chains, at both a high level and in fine-tuned granular detail.

Without that clear visibility, it’s impossible — or at least, incredibly time consuming — to identify what’s working and what’s not, how inventory needs are changing, and how expenses are tracking against budgets. These are the datapoints that enable effective decision making and underpin growth. That’s why OneTouchPoint’s suite of business intelligence and reporting tools makes it easy for business leaders to analyze the results of marketing and sales efforts with easy-to-use, 24/7 access to every metric.

OneTouchPoint’s Marketing Supply Chain Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting covers all of our service lines and enables our clients to drill down into all of their key marketing execution metrics:

  • Orders
  • Usage
  • Mailing
  • Inventory
  • Billing
  • Cost savings
  • Scheduled audits and results

We also offer custom reports that help clients dig into metrics specific to their industries and organizations, providing the detailed views they need to see to make effective decisions.

And, because we know that even the most powerful systems and services lag if they don’t function in tandem with every other back-office system, we provide custom data feeds, ERP integrations and Salesforce integrations to keep all your data in one place, without any gaps or redundancies.

So now that you’ve alleviated project management burdens with our marketing management services, take the tracking pressure off, with access to account-level cost reports rolled up to each line of business. Now that you’ve taken production off your plate, take the stress out of inventory management, too, with real-time production status and inventory levels that make reorder timing and quantity decisions simple to calculate. With instant access to important information about assets, documents, ordering patterns, download rates, spend and so much more, OneTouchPoint provides brand leaders with a complete line-of-sight on marketing supply chain activities and ROI.

Here at OneTouchPoint, we are dedicated to helping our clients deliver unparalleled brand experiences, increasing margins, speeding time to market and connecting more impactfully with customers. And we believe that, the more teams and systems and processes a brand leader has to juggle, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the quality standards and consistency that successful brands rely on. That’s why we offer end-to-end services, saving our clients time, money and headaches by functioning is their go-to source for everything from supply brokerage to mailing and more.

We hope this in-depth look at our services has shown you why more than 3,000 customers, including Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing, franchise, retail, healthcare and financial services industries, trust OneTouchPoint to increase the return on their marketing investment, one touchpoint at a time. To learn more, contact us today or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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