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Managed Services

We’ll handle your day-to-day.

OneTouchPoint can augment staff with onsite programs and managed services, bringing efficiencies and domain expertise, while helping control costs.

Let us handle the tactical, so you can focus on the strategic.

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Increase efficiencies, save costs with a BPO.

With OneTouchPoint’s Managed Services, our teams of experts can take over just a single piece or multiple pieces of your business, lessening your day-to-day management burden and saving costs through gained efficiencies.

From ensuring you have the right asset made at the right time, accurate inventories, broker print and premium goods on your behalf, to providing full print & mail room staffing and management, OneTouchPoint has you covered with vendor managed services.

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Let us manage all the pieces.

We know you have a lot on your plate. Let us help you manage all of your moving pieces – from organizing the movement of goods from distribution centers, managing sourcing and procurement to forecasting trends and managing inventories.

Our team becomes your team.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory Services. Ensure physical product inventory is physically inspected & appropriately stocked.
  • Print & Paper Brokerage. Effectively manage all of your print & marketing collateral items.
  • Print & Mail Room Management. Staff & manage all aspects of your print and mailroom operations.
  • Procurement. Support to manage the print & marketing collateral procurement & production process.
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One vendor. Less headaches.

We’re built to support your unique needs.

OneTouchPoint brings all of the people, technology, services and commercial printing power when and where you need it to keep your business moving.

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Benefits of managed services:

  • Save Time and Resources | Support internal employees, sales teams, local franchises, dealer networks, and consumers.
  • Simplify Your Operations | End-to-end management of local, national, and global marketing campaigns and programs from production to distribution.
  • Reduce Vendor Management | Leverage a single, strategic partner and reduce the headaches of multi-vendor management.
  • Manage Engagements at Scale | Extensive commercial print, mail, packaging and managed services under one roof.
  • Take Control of Your Supply Chain | Customize compliance rules based on your sourcing strategy and simplify your corporate spend.

Download our Managed Services Guide to learn more about our key capabilities.

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Fortune 500 company quote combined

Did you know?

We helped a Fortune 500 Manufacturing company save over $3.5 million with a combination of our managed services and U.Connect platform.

We manage their back-end processes, reduce inventory loss and provide an easy-to-use online marketing storefront where internal teams, retailers and customers can order branded marketing assets, technical publications and/or product samples.

Annually, we manage 25,000 documents, print 150,000,000 pages, manage 115,000 orders and pick, pack and ship 300,000 line items on our platform.

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