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Omnichannel Marketing Made Easy with OneTouchPoint

When omnichannel marketing seems unmanageable, learn how OneTouchPoint’s end-to-end services can lighten the load.

Social media ads, promotional emails, postcards, seasonal catalogs, point of sale signage, coupons, shelf-talkers and floor displays…for marketers in charge of creating and implementing omnichannel marketing campaigns the collateral list goes on and on.

With tighter budgets and longer to-do lists than ever, it can be tempting to pare back the marketing strategy to just one or two platforms. But savvy marketers know that’s shortsighted, with research from Swrve
showing that multichannel marketing can deliver revenue uplift in the range of 15 to 35 percent and research from Heinz Marketing showing that marketers who integrate multiple channels are more than twice as likely to report higher marketing effectiveness vs. using those using fewer channels with less integration.

So, for corporate marketing leaders looking to lighten the load, the answer isn’t leveraging fewer channels. It’s finding a way to make marketing activities—from design to production to budget management—more efficient, achieving the same impact (or better) with fewer headaches along the way.

At OneTouchPoint, we pride ourselves on being the marketing execution partner that helps our clients do just that, with end-to-end services that ease marketers’ burdens every step of the way.

Let us show you how.

Asset Management

Step one in making omnichannel marketing easy is getting all those assets—for all those channels—organized in such a way that both corporate teams and far-flung local marketers can access the latest materials and customize them as necessary (within brand guidelines, of course) for campaigns at the drop of a hat, whenever they need them.

Our asset management capabilities is the foundation of our U.Connect platform, and it allows marketing stakeholders to easily search, find, customize, and order assets from one single source. This means no more digging through emails or sifting through Google Drive or desktop files for the latest direct mail postcard and hoping “version 27” is the right one. It means corporate marketers no longer have to spend their time resending assets to local reps, and local reps are no longer tempted to save time by starting from scratch. Customization is easier than ever with modular content and templates, and asset approvals are built into the platform and done with just a few clicks.

World-Class Print Production, Warehousing & Shipping

Once those assets are approved and ready to go, marketers can download digital content and post whenever they’re ready. But what about physical assets, from brochures to large-format signage to swag? Traditionally, marketers have a couple of options: they can have local reps send all print orders to the corporate team to place and manage, or they can have local reps source their own print shops or swag and manage those orders themselves. The former adds a lot of unnecessary burden for corporate marketers, while the latter creates larger risks for the brand. Are local reps settling for shoddy printing to save a buck? Are they busting the budget on an overpriced vendor?

Again, OneTouchPoint can help, with our full-service print offerings. Once they’ve finalized an asset, marketers can place a print order (from right within the U.Connect app), and we’ll get to work. Our digital-on-demand services mean there’s no order minimum, and our production facilities are equipped to handle anything from the simplest postcards all the way up to banners, window clings, corrugated floor displays, and a wide variety of branded swag. Giving reps the power to place their own orders from a trusted vendor ensures consistently great quality without requiring someone from corporate to put aside more strategic initiatives in order to manage print orders.

Once those assets are printed and perfect, OneTouchPoint handles delivery as well, whether we’re sending 5,000 postcards to one store or individual Every Door Direct Mail to 50 potential customers’ mailboxes. Have swag? We can source, then store, pick, pack and ship as orders are placed by your approved users. And with seven production facilities across the country, we ensure they can get there quickly and at low cost.

We send more than 155 million pieces of mail on behalf of our clients each year, and our on-staff USPS experts can ensure every shipment meets all regulations and takes advantage of deep postal discounts (without sacrificing quality or speed).

Airtight Security & Compliance

Maintaining security and complying with local and federal regulations are paramount to effective omnichannel marketing. We understand the stakes of security and compliance, and we’re equipped to protect customer information in every phase of the marketing process, from the initial transmission of data to the end of the engagement.

From vetting personal to encrypting data for variable print orders to rigorous quality control, we don’t take security lightly. We also maintain HITRUST Certification, HIPAA/PHI compliance, ISO certification, and SOC 2 compliance.

For businesses in highly regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and alcohol and beverage, part of regulatory compliance often means including certain messaging—worded a particular way—on specific types of marketing materials or for certain geographic audiences. For example, with laws about alcohol discounts varying from state to state, alcohol and beverage brands have to be sure the coupons sent to Massachusetts stores don’t get mixed up with the ones aimed for Texas. The modular content and asset approval capabilities in U.Connect help ensure that specific language never gets muddled, and our print-on-demand, variable printing, and 100 percent match mailing capabilities enable us to produce the right quantity for every state and ensure that the right batches end up in the right PO boxes every single time.

Crystal Clear Transparency

Finally, we know that too many marketing headaches come from lack of transparency within the organization, which leads to a lot of wasted time, materials, and money. When it’s hard to get a clear idea of what’s happening, that’s when the most “paper jams” happen. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing full transparency across the entire marketing management process.

We define and report regularly on the KPIs that matter most to our clients, and we hold frequent strategic business reviews with our account teams. Additionally, we ensure our clients have total visibility into and control over spending with comprehensive price monitoring, local expense tracking, and reporting. Our regular performance standards reports roll all of this together to provide full transparency into business activities including spend, quality, on-time delivery, and other specifications our clients want to see.

The power of omnichannel marketing is undisputable, but sometimes the logistics burden can seem insurmountable. At OneTouchPoint, we’re committed to easing that burden, with a full suite of end-to-end services that make it simple for both corporate and local marketers to create and execute campaigns that will attract, engage, and retain customers across every channel.

Learn more about how we work with our clients to create and implement powerful omnichannel marketing campaigns, and when you’re ready, we invite you to contact us or request a quote on your next project. Our experts will provide insight and ideas to deliver phenomenal results at a great price.

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