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Level Up Your OneTouchPoint Experience with Order Management & Fulfillment

Learn how OneTouchPoint gets every piece of marketing collateral where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

At OneTouchPoint, we pride ourselves on being more than just a vendor—we aim to be a true distributed marketing partner, and as part of that, we want to be sure each of our clients is getting the maximum value out of their experience working with us.

To that end, our Level Up blog series spotlights six ways to level up your OneTouchPoint partnership, getting maximum support and ROI for every piece of the marketing puzzle. In this article, we’re focused on making order management and fulfillment a breeze.

If you’re following along in our Level Up series, then you most recently read about OneTouchPoint’s robust print marketing services. But we know there’s more to print marketing than just production—that’s not even the biggest challenge, in many cases.

The tasks of warehousing inventory, assembling kits and getting them to the right places, and assembling and distributing customer mailings can all make or break a print marketing campaign—and overwhelm busy marketers in the process.

At OneTouchPoint, we know what’s at stake when it comes to order management and fulfillment—from the most complex scheduled or recurring programs to the simplest single-shot orders—and we are experts in all of these activities.


We have climate-controlled fulfillment warehouse centers across the country. With over 200,000 square feet of warehousing storage, we help our clients better manage their costs by eliminating the need for them to find and rent their own warehouse space and providing a robust inventory management system to minimize wasted collateral. What’s more, our national reach allows us to store materials as close as possible to their final destinations, cutting down on shipping costs, as well.

Mailing Services

With over 100 million pieces of mail passing through our facilities each year, we’re pros at helping our clients navigate complex shipping and postal regulations and requirements, and we pride ourselves on reducing both the time and cost of every mailing. Our full range of services ensures that our clients’ shipments are properly printed, kitted or bundled, and packaged to get out the door and into consumers hands as quickly as possible.

You can read more about our core mailing services, direct mail, EDDM, and recurring mailings, in our Level Up post on marketing services, but those are just the start. Here’s a high-level look at the full range of mailing services we provide our clients:

OneTouchPoint’s Mailing Services

  • Direct mail
  • Folding/inserting
  • Storage & sorting
  • Advanced mail suppression
  • Metering
  • Paper sourcing
  • Mail management
  • Postal expertise & volume discounts
  • Inkjetting
  • Barcoding
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), NCOA Link & CASS certifications
  • Advanced EDDM capabilities
  • Laser & digital-color printing
  • Forms design
  • 100% Match Mail


No more having a valuable member of the marketing team give up days on end of lucrative work in order to assemble and pack endless kits. Instead, after our clients create and order the kits they need through U.Connect, we produce, pack, and ship them for you, delivering a high rate of savings through on-demand, ready-to-ship static and/or dynamic kits. Here’s a look at our kitting capabilities:

  • Pick & Pack: Your items are stored at our warehouse and maintained in quick pick shelf areas to facilitate a fast turnaround.
  • Mass, Push Roll-outs. Whether you’re launching a new marketing push or delivering samples in mass over a short period of time, we have the scale to deliver all of your products where you need them, and when you need them there.
  • Collateral Programs: We provide seamless coordination with your supply chain, getting collateral to the right end user, whether it’s going straight to your customer or being incorporated into your manufacturing process.
  • Parts & Sample Distribution: We manage and control all printed collateral, from user manuals to product samples, and we receive, store, assemble and ship your parts direct to the customer.

Whether our clients are distributing samples to reps, instruction manuals to the manufacturing team, or seasonal goodies to their most valued customers, we take the grunt work out of the process.

Fulfillment & Distribution

For a marketing team to manage fulfillment itself can be incredibly time-consuming and costly. And besides, we know our clients’ resources are better spent on strategic initiatives that drive revenue and customer engagement.

At OneTouchPoint, we’re experts on streamlined, cost-effective fulfillment and distribution strategies, and we process thousands of orders and line items each month, direct to the consumer.

Here are three things you need to know about our fulfillment and distribution process:

  • It’s eCommerce-driven. Leverage our U.Connect solution, that is fully integrated with our fulfillment system, or we can integrate directly with your eCommerce solution or direct fulfillment of online orders.
  • It’s efficient. For items that are in finished goods inventory (that are already fully produced and hanging out in one of our warehouses), we can ship expedited and international orders on the day they’re placed.
  • It takes the guesswork out of inventory management. Our vendor-managed inventory services help customers keep track of how much stock they have on hand and how quickly it’s being consumed. Maintaining this data helps influence production quantities and automated reorders based on usage, eliminating waste and keeping warehousing costs to a minimum.

If they don’t make it to their final destination on time, even the most beautiful and compelling marketing assets are really no more than scrap paper. From complex kits to one-shot collateral orders, OneTouchPoint has the tools and expertise to ensure all our clients’ orders are fulfilled and shipped—accurately and on time.

To learn more about OneTouchPoint’s multichannel marketing support, take a look at our platform and services. Then, when you’re ready, contact us to talk in detail about how we can support your business.

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