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Level Up Your OneTouchPoint Experience with Vendor-Managed Services

Learn how OneTouchPoint‘s team can join yours to ease the burden of marketing supply chain management from beginning to end.

At OneTouchPoint, we pride ourselves on being more than just a vendor—we aim to be a true distributed marketing partner, and as part of that, we want to be sure each of our clients is getting the maximum value out of their experience working with us.

To that end, our Level Up blog series spotlights six ways to level up your OneTouchPoint partnership, getting maximum support and ROI for every piece of the marketing puzzle. In this post, we’re focused on what marketers can achieve when they take advantage of OneTouchPoint’s managed services.

For already-busy marketing leaders, managing supply chain logistics can be a full-time job in and of itself. We know that “outsourcing” key aspects of business to trusted partners can help reduce staffing needs (and expenses), speed time-to-market, and minimize errors. For that reason, the team at OneTouchPoint relishes the opportunity to augment our clients’ staff with onsite programs. With our vendor-managed services, OneTouchPoint’s team literally becomes your team. What might that look like?

OneTouchPoint’s Vendor-Managed Services

With managed services, you bring the marketing strategy; we bring the efficiencies and domain expertise that increase marketing effectiveness and ROI while helping control costs. Here are four of the key domains in which our team can take a load off your team’s shoulders.

Inventory Management

When underprioritized or left to “spare time,” inventory management can be a significant source of waste—both of money and materials. But it’s not always feasible for a company to hire dedicated staff to take on the job full time. When that’s the case, let OneTouchPoint keep your physical inventory up to date for you. This includes physically inspecting and stocking product inventory and maintaining minimal inventory levels based on actual usage and business requirements.

Whether we’re helping our clients with these jobs on a full-time or part-time basis, our goals are to save them money and time by eliminating collateral obsolescence, minimizing waste, and making sure they have what they need, when they need it.

Print & Paper Brokerage

Managing print equipment and raw materials—from maintaining equipment to sourcing paper supply—is a circus no corporate or local marketing team needs. While it can be tempting to manage that circus with a print procurement broker, the reality is that these third-parties can cost more than they save.

Fortunately, with our expansive network of facilities and strategic partnerships, OneTouchPoint, as your single-source marketing execution partner, can do the juggling for you. With six print facilities across the country—fully stocked with commercial print and production equipment we own and maintain ourselves—along with a stable of trusted strategic partners, it’s easy for the OneTouchPoint team to manage our clients’ print material and marketing collateral for them.

Given our extensive internal and third-party networks, we are equipped to find and offer our clients comparative pricing for supplies, storage, and fulfillment, ensuring smooth processes, high quality and accuracy, and controlled costs.


Similarly, the technical and administrative work of managing print procurement and production processes can take significant time and resources away from what our clients really need to focus on: vision and strategy.

When we take over those logistics on behalf of our clients, we provide a dedicated program manager who can offer both technical and administrative support in managing the print and marketing collateral procurement and production process.

This includes order and data management in our own procurement software, EDI-based and itemizing invoicing, and detailed tracking of every purchase order. Letting us cross the t’s and dot the i’s frees up our clients to focus on the big-picture strategy and tactics instead of getting lost in the busywork that supports them.

Print & Mailroom Management

Finally, we recognize how much of a drain on resources it can be to staff and manage a mailroom internally. Here again, the OneTouchPoint team can take over, allowing our clients to reduce overhead costs and staffing headaches by manage all aspects of print and mailroom operations on their behalf.

Our onsite print and mail room expertise ranges from collating copies and assembling kits to executing sensitive, thousand-plus-piece client mailings, and our teams are dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ print and mailroom needs with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine.

Today’s marketing teams and leaders have too much on their plates—and too many plates in the air. Let us help you take a load off with our suite of vendor-managed services.

To learn more about these and OneTouchPoint’s multichannel marketing support, take a look at our website to explore our platform and services. Then, when you’re ready, contact us to talk in detail about how we can support your business.

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